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There may be no anime more iconic in Japan than Evangelion. Even non-otaku people recognise its characters, colour schemes, and theme song because it has become such an integrated part of Japanese popular culture. It's no surprise that years after the original anime finished airing, Evangelion remains a constant and relevant part of pop culture throughout Japan. With permanent stores, pop-up cafes, and collaborations galore there is always something for Evangelion fans to discover, especially in Tokyo.

The latest Evangelion collaboration is one that will literally take over the Tokyo skyline every night for over three months - the Evangelion Tokyo Skytree Project. Skytree is the tallest building in Tokyo, a broadcasting tower that can be seen from all over the city on clear days and towers over the neighbourhoods it is closest to. Its upper observation decks often play host to special themes and collaborations, and starting on December 23rd, 2020 it's going to be Evangelion. It's just in time for the winter holidays many people will be just starting, too, so Evangelion really got a premium time to be at Skytree! Let’s have a look at just what this special exhibition will entail.

Evangelion Tokyo Skytree Project Info

Location Address
1-1-2 Oshiage, Sumida City, Tokyo 131-0045

Nearest train line(s)
“Oshiage Station (SKYTREE)” - Asakusa Line, Hanzomon Line, Oshiage Line, Tobu Skytree Line, Keisei Narita Skyaccess Line

“Tokyo Skytree Station” - Nikko-Kunagawa Line, Ryomo Line, Shimotsuke-Kirifuri Line, Tobu Skytree Line

Cost of Admission ¥1800
Hours of Operation Time and days
December 23rd 2020 - March 31st 2021
9:00 - 21:00

Official Website
http://www.tokyo-skytree.jp/event/special/evangelion2020/ (Japanese only)

The Experience

There’s plenty to see on the observation deck during the Evangelion Tokyo Skytree Project! The lift to the deck is decorated like an Eva plugsuit, already plunging you into the theme as you travel upwards to the exhibition. The deck itself is 450 meters high, which means you can already expect great views of Tokyo whether you visit during the day or night. The windows during the collaboration are decorated with NERV logos and famous quotes from the series, and even if you can’t read Japanese, you can instantly recognise the famous typeface. There are some great photo opportunities as well, like a giant Eva Unit-01 head, an angel core, and a life-size Rei Ayanami. There are also many TV monitors playing a specially made music video for the famous Evangelion original opening song, “Cruel Angel’s Thesis.” No one will judge you if you want to sing along a little bit - probably not, at least! Even Skytree’s mascot character, Sorakara-chan, will be cosplaying as Rei for a photo opp!

Header [Otaku Pop-Up Hot Spot] Evangelion Tokyo Skytree Project

In addition to the exhibition itself, there is also a special cafe menu and exclusive goods store. At the Skytree Cafe, you can order piano-shaped cheesecake with a picture of Shinji and Kaoru on it, and blue, red, or pink drinks made in the image of Rei, Asuka, and Mari respectively. Everything you order will also come with a special coaster featuring one of the Eva characters with Skytree in the background! At the store, you can buy special cookies printed with all the Evangelion characters in a Skytree-themed box for your friends and family (or yourself, we aren’t here to judge your choices), magnets, keychains, acrylic figures, stationery, t-shirts, bags, and even cologne or an ice cream spoon - all with exclusive images and designs special for the Evangelion Tokyo Skytree Project. If you can’t get enough just seeing the exhibition, there are plenty more great things to spend your money on, and take a little piece of this special collaboration home with you.

Additional info

Header [Otaku Pop-Up Hot Spot] Evangelion Tokyo Skytree Project

If the price for entering Skytree is just too steep, or you have a busy schedule, there’s still a bit of the Evangelion Tokyo Skytree Project that can be enjoyed for free by people all over Tokyo. Every night, Skytree is lit up against the night sky in various colour schemes. On select nights during December, the normal lighting on Skytree will change to reflect the colours of the Evangelion Units-01, 00, 02, Mark 06, and 08. Since the tower can be seen from all over Tokyo, even busy people or those who live far away from Skytree can see the special lighting and enjoy a bit of Evangelion in what would be an otherwise normal evening. And it being completely free is an added bonus for tight wallets, too!

Tokyo Skytree is a great location for otaku to visit in addition to seeing the Evangelion Project. The base of the tower has a huge mall that includes otaku hot spots like a Pokemon Centre, a Shonen Jump Store, and the Kirby Cafe. There’s plenty of restaurants and other shops as well, including several unique ones that you can’t find elsewhere in Tokyo. For Japanese history buffs, Skytree is also located a short walk from the historical neighbourhood of Asakusa. That makes a stop at the Evangelion Tokyo Skytree Project a worthwhile day out, whether you want to see other otaku stops on the same day or want to balance your dose of Japanese pop culture with a bit of traditional culture, too. Asakusa is also conveniently home to plenty of hotels and hostels if you’re planning a special visit to the city to see the Eva collaboration!

Final Thoughts

Header [Otaku Pop-Up Hot Spot] Evangelion Tokyo Skytree Project

Evangelion is set in Tokyo-III, so it's a bit of extra fun to visit any Eva collaboration in Tokyo. Seeing the famous anime take over such a famous landmark is extra special for Evangelion fans, and it's just in time for the Rebuild of Evangelion movie! Whether you want to check out the collaboration before or after the film, it's sure to be a lot of fun. And even if you’re reading this from home without a trip to Tokyo in your near future, we hope you have enjoyed checking out one of the latest otaku hot spots with us! When you come to Tokyo, whenever that may be, it's always worth checking what Skytree will be hosting - it may well be another otaku event!

Are you planning to visit the Evangelion Tokyo Skytree Project when it opens? What part of it would you love to see the most? What other big anime or game would you love to see hosted at Skytree next? Are you excited for the Rebuild of Evangelion movie? We would love to hear your comments and questions!

Header [Otaku Pop-Up Hot Spot] Evangelion Tokyo Skytree Project


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