Our 5 Favorite Kuutei Dragons (Drifting Dragons) Characters

Kuutei Dragons is an interesting series that stands out beyond its 3DCG animation with solid worldbuilding, imaginative creature design, an unusual food/cooking theme in a fantasy setting, and, of course, a fun cast of characters. Today we're focusing on them and will be ranking and discussing our top five favorite Quin Zaza crew members. This time we're not going on any particular metric beyond general likability and appeal. Climb aboard, let's get hunting!

5. Yoshi

As the head cook on the Quin Zaza, Yoshi is always trying his best to make the most of their varied ingredients, even when all they have is potatoes! Clearly passionate for his work, Yoshi is responsible for most of the strange-yet-mouthwatering dragon dishes in the series, often going into the details on their preparation and his reasoning for how it brings out the best flavor. He does it all this with smiles and enthusiasm and that, along with his trademark mustache, makes him one of our favorites in Kuutei Dragons!

4. Takita

Our intrepid protagonist Takita is a newbie aboard the Quin Zaza but is always trying her best to learn the ropes of the challenging life as a draker. Filled with curiosity, she can sometimes get herself in trouble, like when she tried to capture the escaped baby dragon that entered the ship solo, but is steadily improving both her raw skills and her ability to work together and rely on her team. Takita also stands out visually with her bright orange twin tails and cute, expressive face and is easy to identify with as one of the few people in the series that questions or has some reservations about dragons and drakers.

3. Jiro

Jiro is another relative newcomer to draking, although you probably wouldn't have guessed that by his serious attitude and ever-solid competence when it comes to hunting. He serves as something of a foil to Mika with his calm judgment and tries to be a good example for Takita. He excels at certain things more so than anyone else on board, particularly weather measurement and prediction thanks to his amazing eyesight. Jiro's relationships to the other characters are also interesting particularly with Niko, who often teases him like an older brother would, and his gradual opening up with Takita about his past and his father.

2. Vanabelle “Vannie”

Arguably the most cool and collected character in Kuutei Dragons, Vannie is an experienced draker notable for her smart style, a near-permanent look of aloof indifference, and an immense appetite and love of alcohol. Although she has this cold exterior, the icy blonde does have a delicate side and an intriguing sense of mystery about her past that makes her fun to watch as is seeing her completely demolish anyone who attempts to challenge her drinking prowess. Her sister-like relationship with Takita is a highlight as well which makes us wonder if Vannie's influence might mold her into a jaded alcoholic down the road. Jokes aside, Vannie is definitely one of our favorite characters in the series!

1. Mika

Balancing out the levelheadedness of many of the other Quin Zaza crew is the explosively over-the-top Mika, the star hunter of the bunch who is as prone to reckless action when it comes to dragons as he is goofy and absent-minded about almost everything else. Thankfully Mika's skill and dumb luck leads him to many victories, be it taking on giant dragons or boarding pirate airships solo. His interactions with Yoshi and his zeal for eating and cooking dragons are as entertaining as is his frequent, “sampling” of the stored dragon meat and amusing chats with Takita and others. While his crew might have their reservations about his style and tactics, Mika is a lovable, and sometimes inspirational, character (especially to Takita) that is one of the driving forces of the series and pushes him to the top spot of our list today!

Final Thoughts

Altogether, Kuutei Dragons, and Quin Zaza, has a very solid crew that really brings the show to life. We're definitely hoping for a second season to dive deeper into their pasts and personalities, particularly of Vannie and Jiro, and to see some more wild dragon designs too!

In any case, we hope you enjoyed our countdown today. Did you favorite character make it? Let us know what you think of our ranking in the comments section below and be sure to stick around Honey's for more of all things anime! Until next time, gotta fly~

Kuutei-dragons-Drifting-Dragons-Wallpaper-1 Our 5 Favorite Kuutei Dragons (Drifting Dragons) Characters


Author: Oskar O.K. Strom

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