Our Favorite Girls in Megami-ryou no Ryoubo-kun (Mother of the Goddess' Dormitory)

Mother of the Goddess Dormitory is a comedy ecchi anime that doesn’t take itself too seriously. It features Koushi Nagumo, a 12-year-old whose life is disrupted when he loses his house to a house fire and his father abandons him. While wandering on the streets starving, he encounters a woman named Mineru Wachi, who takes him in as a “mother” of the Goddess’ Dormitory, a female college dormitory. After that day, he lives and takes care of the girls living at the house. In this hilarious anime, the enjoyment comes from the unique characters and their weird but heartwarming relationships with each other and Koushi. These are our favorite girls living in the Goddess’ Dormitory.

3. Atena Saotome

Atena Saotome is an endearing character. This cute pink-haired girl has androphobia (a fear of men) developed from a sheltered life; she passes out from nosebleeds if she gets too close to a man. When first meeting Koushi and learning that he will be the dorm mother, she initially plans to move out. But after Koushi ensures that he would rather leave rather than force her to be uncomfortable in her home, Atena decides Koushi isn’t a bad person after all and begins viewing Koushi as a little brother. We love their adorable sibling-like relationship that is often played for laughs, and it’s rewarding seeing Atena grow past her fear thanks to her relationship with Koushi.

2. Mineru Wachi

Being a researcher, Mineru Wachi often fails her experiments and spreads toxic gas throughout the whole house! She’s also usually wearing nothing more than panties and an unbuttoned lab shirt and walks around like that in front of poor Koushi! While being quirky and lacking common sense, she’s also one of the kindest characters; she is the one who found Koushi and gave him a job and a place to live. Going further, she also manages to enroll Koushi in school again after his attendance is disrupted by losing his house. While she might tease Koushi with her experiments and her half-nakedness, it’s undeniable she really cares about him.

1. Frey

A cosplayer and dressmaker, Frey loves putting people in the clothing she makes, sometimes going as far as forcing them into it! She is an upbeat and strong-willed character. On Koushi’s first day working in the dormitory, Frey lures him into her room and gets him into a cat boy costume, telling him that it’s part of his duties as the dorm mother! As one of the most playful and goofy characters of the anime, it’s definitely fun watching Frey mess with Koushi!

Final Thoughts

Each girl in Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory has a unique personality and set of quirks that make them memorable characters. While some of them might make life inconvenient for Koushi, all of them are appealing and fun to watch. We’d love any of these characters as our big sister! Who is your favorite girl in Mother of Goddess’ Dormitory? Is there a girl you don't like as much? Tell us your choice in the comments!

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