Megami-ryou no Ryoubo-kun. (Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory) Review – Taking Care of Beautiful Women is Hard Work

Taking Care of Beautiful Women is Work

  • Episodes : 10
  • Genre : Comedy, Romance
  • Airing Date : July 2021 – September 2021
  • Producers : asread

Contains Spoilers

Poor Koushi Nagumo, his life as a 12-year-old is quite sad. Koushi has not only lost his home, but also had his father leave him and now is living alone on the streets. Luckily for Koushi, a young woman named Mineru appears before him and takes pity on the young child offering a job to the young teen. Koushi’s new gig will be to take care of a dormitory but one not filled with men but all college women! Koushi has found a means to leave the street life but is this new predicament something his young heart can handle!?

Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory is an ecchi series akin to Love Hina, Negima and Miss Caretaker of Sunohara-sou; a young boy is blessed/cursed by living/working with a bunch of women who seem to find ways to lose clothes as if they were strippers. Aside from the absolutely ridiculous plot, Mother of the Goddess Dormitory was one of the few ecchi series to air this summer 2021 anime season and you know we had to watch it for “review” purposes. Does this series redefine the genre? no, but we do have some reasons why you fellow otaku might want to check it out!

How to Lose Clothing in Sixty Seconds

Mother of the Goddess Dormitory isn’t afraid to remind the viewers almost constantly that you’re watching an ecchi series. Oppai launch at your screen almost every few minutes and pantsu are shown in an array of colors. Mother of the Goddess Dormitory is shameless and that is one reason why it’s comedy works. Watching Koushi—a young boy mind you—deal with college girls taking baths, landing their butts in his face and slamming the boy with oversized oppai is stupid but laughably hilarious. We do wonder if we envy Koushi for having such luck or pity him for said luck…

Choose Your Waifu!!!

Are you someone who has a hard time choosing the best waifu from a harem/ecchi series? We don’t blame you, even we busy bees at Honey’s Anime struggle and argue about who is best girl. Mother of the Goddess Dormitory makes this challenge even harder by having so many wonderful waifu that it can be almost impossible to choose just one!

If you’re into a waifu who is caring but cute then you’ll probably fall for Atena Saotome. Do you enjoy your waifu almost always naked with a large chest just waiting to fly at your screen? Then your girl is Mineru Wachi. Mother of the Goddess Dormitory has almost every waifu type and that makes watching it a bit more enjoyable.

Is This a Romance Anime?

When it comes to the romance element of Mother of the Goddess Dormitory we have to say we’re quite disappointed. Early on it becomes clear Atena falls for our young Koushi—which is weird—and Mother of the Goddess Dormitory tries to make it romantic but it never comes across as more than a shallow relationship. Yes, she’s afraid of guys and it's cute to see their dynamic overcome this fear but we’ve seen that same trope used before and feels almost formulaic at this point. Overall, don’t expect any true romance in Mother of the Goddess Dormitory.

Only 10 Episodes…Really…?

One of the biggest offenses of Mother of the Goddess Dormitory isn’t just the meh romance or the cliché plot but the episode count being only 10. If Mother of the Goddess Dormitory pushed to 13 episodes or even 12, we could see a better story playing out and maybe that romance between Atena and Koushi has some substance but with the short length, the story ends as quickly as it began. Maybe that is a blessing in disguise.

Why Is Koushi 12 Years Old!?!?

Our last major complaint about Mother of the Goddess Dormitory comes in the most obvious—and never forgettable—concept of this comedy ecchi…our main male character is only 12 years old. The girls of the dorm are all older and yet they constantly strip and tease this 12-year-old like it's normal. That is weird if we’re being completely honest. Maybe the creator wanted Koushi to be a kid to make the ecchi more comedic and less likely to form into anything serious but we really feel Mother of the Goddess Dormitory suffers from this almost twisted ideology due to the main character being so young.

Final Thoughts

Mother of the Goddess Dormitory is a mediocre anime, we can’t deny that. If you’re watching this show for ecchi and waifu, then Mother of the Goddess Dormitory is a homerun as it delivers that almost perfectly, especially if you watch the uncensored version on HIDive. However, if you love ecchi comedies with a bit more style/substance—and want an older protagonist—then you’ll find Mother of the Goddess Dormitory a really weird and middling series overall.

We spoke our minds about Mother of the Goddess Dormitory but now it's your turn! Comment below to let us know your thoughts on Mother of the Goddess Dormitory and whether you liked it or hated it. Be sure to keep stuck to our ecchi-crazed hive here at Honey’s Anime for even more anime reviews from this summer 2021 season!

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