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Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine is a wonderland if you love bishounen, character tropes, and pure comedy gold. And who brings you these things? The wonderful cast of characters, of course! But when faced with so many beautiful 2D boys, a fierce battle begins… That’s right, it’s the decision every boy-mad viewer must make: who is Best Boy? In this article, we’ll take a look at the five best boys from Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine, and how they got their positions. Will your opinions match up with ours? Read on to find out…

5. Heine Wittgenstein

First up we have our small but mighty Royal Tutor, Heine. He’s teeny-tiny pocket-sized and might look like perfect moe material from the outside, but on the inside he’s got quick wit and a huge heart. He’s quick to work out exactly what makes his students click and genuinely cares for them, although he might hide it behind a sharp comment or overly-polite speech. Plus, he can kick ass when necessary and has a mysterious past that keeps us guessing. However, Haine’s best trait is his ability to bring out the best in everyone around him. That’s why he’s made it onto our best boys list!

4. Bruno Grantzreich

In at fourth is Bruno, our overly-serious, second-eldest prince in training. He doesn’t give the best first impression, often coming off as arrogant - but to be fair to the guy, it’s pretty justified. Up until his meeting with Heine, he had faced tutor upon tutor who was less intelligent than him, and unable to help him further himself. It’s through his meeting Haine that we see his true colours - those of a boy eager to learn how to be the best he can for the sake of the country and its people. Bless him, he’s just a bit awkward… And we think that makes him all the more adorable!

3. Licht Grantzreich

Next up is the youngest of the princes and ultimate flirt, Licht. Looking at him makes you feel like you’re trying to stare directly into the sun. A supreme socialite, this boy knows girls of various social standings from all over the world. He might seem like a serial playboy at first, but we quickly learn that he has a serious side to him, too. He’ll step up to the mark when needed, but when it’s not necessary, he just wants to have fun and make everyone smile. Also, have you seen his gorgeous hair? Wow. There’s sure to never be a dull moment with this playboy prince, and that’s why he’s third on our best boys list!

2. Leonhart Grantzreich

In second place on our best boys list is tsundere doofus Leonhart. Seeming beautiful and cold at a distance, it doesn’t take much for Heine to crack his icy exterior and reveal the easily-embarrassed cutie beneath. Leonhart might not be the best at maths - or, well, any subject for that matter - but he’s 100% heart. He has a massive amount of respect for his siblings and other people around him, but has a bad habit of being very harsh towards himself. Leonhart might seem like he’s got too much pride at first, but the truth is this boy is his own worst critic, and he’s desperate to be better for himself and those who need him. Plus his flushed embarrassed face is 10/10!

1. Kai Grantzreich

Finally, our top spot is taken by the eldest of the four princes in training and super-sweetheart, Kai. Kai cares more than anyone about his family, and isn’t afraid to show his love and protect them when needed. He also plays the referee amongst his brothers, telling them off in the softest way possible when they step out of line. However, Kai struggles with using his words around other people and has a harsh glare that frightens away anyone he tries to talk to. He’s working so hard on it, though! He also has a soft spot for his young sister and the family dog - or anything small and cute, for that matter - the sign of a truly good boy. That’s what makes him our best boy of Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine!

Final Thoughts

So, who is your best boy from Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine? Do you agree with this list, or would you rank the boys differently? Make sure to let us know in the comments!

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