Parents who won’t approve of their kids watching anime.

120618namihei_72 Parents who won’t approve of their kids watching anime.
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2chan discusses parents who are against anime.

While the new generation largely tolerates anime, the parents are still stuck in a mindset where watching anime means that you’re a loser.
And in some regard, it was true in their generation. Nowadays however, you can find cute girls and cool guys in Akihabara and otaku events, so the gross otaku cliché doesn’t stand anymore.

My hobbies are for me to choose, right? You don’t have any right to push your ideals on me!
Liking anime = Weirdo, Gross, Otaku, Classified as a loner in class. That’s the era in which our parents grew up.
Would be weird to still have anime as a hobby once you’re 30 years old…
A shame, anime are interesting…
That’s a given. Our parents grew up in a period where anime lovers were hated.
This place isn’t your personal diary! Write that kind of stuff on receipts or something, kay?
My parents liked stuff like Star of the Giants and Dokaben, so they’re pretty ok with me watching anime. Though 3 years ago they thought that Miku was some anime’s character…
My mom’s surprisingly lax, she doesn’t say anything even when I buy figs. My dad however refuses anything related to anime.
Now, even games are getting accepted as normal hobbies. So even adults watching anime is turning into something ordinary.
My parents used to record anime OP and EDs on tape, watch Godzilla, and had a subscribed to a SF magazine… It’s no wonder that I’m watching anime now.
In my family both of my parents say that “Manga is for kids”.
When I was watching anime while drinking tea back when I was in school, they’d get angry and change the channel by force.
When I was in highschool, I was more nervous when I was watching anime than when I was watching pxxn! Haha.
What are you complaining about OP, all you’re getting is disapproval? My dad threw away all of my goodies and beat me up to a pulp, so keep your whining for yourself, kiddy.
I’m actually watching anime in secret and get embarrassed when someone openly watches anime…
It’s not that watching anime is weird. It’s just those disgusting moe pigs that give it a bad image.