Phantom 8 Studio at E3 2017!

pastcure-560x181 Phantom 8 Studio at E3 2017!

What You Need to Know:

  • Have you always dreamed of attending E3, and being able to rub shoulders with developers and studios? Indie developer Phantom 8 Studios will present their upcoming action-stealth-shooter Past Cure to attendees for the first time. Past Cure will be released this year for PlayStation®4 and PC.
  • Past Cure neatly combines stealth elements with compelling action sequences and features truly impressive graphics thanks to its use of the newest motion capture technology.
  • This title honestly sounds promising, so if you'd like to know more about this stealth action title, be sure to visit the official Phantom 8 website! For now check out the latest trailer below, along with a quick overview!

Source: Official Phantom 8 Press Release

Past Cure GDC 2017 Trailer

Past Cure follows the highly decorated, elite ex-soldier Ian and his chase for the men who once betrayed him. For years Ian was the subject of secret human trials, held in a dark prison somewhere in Europe. The experiments twisted him, giving him control of powerful abilities such as mind control and telekinesis, but with his sanity badly damaged. Now, each time he uses his powers, the madness inside him grows. It fully reveals itself in dreams - and now begins to peel back reality.

To get his revenge and uncover those responsible for his torment, Ian starts to chase the men in the shadows with the help of his brother Markus and the mysterious double agent Sophia. His hunt sees him take on Eastern European cartels, infiltrate secret organizations, pursue ruthless scientists, and encounter an adversary seemingly not of this world.

pastcure-560x181 Phantom 8 Studio at E3 2017!
Watching that trailer totally blew me away. Phantom 8 really went in with this one and it looks spectacular. Looking forward for more!
pastcure-560x181 Phantom 8 Studio at E3 2017!
I'm excited to see more gameplay footage because I'm a total fan of the stealth-action genre!

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