‘Phantom of the Kill’ Hosts Summer Swimsuit Event

What You Need to Know:

  • gumi Inc. and Fuji&gumi Games have announced that the global version of Phantom of the Kill is holding a swimsuit-themed summertime event. The mobile game was released in North America and in 121 countries throughout Europe in the Google Play Store and 138 countries in the iOS App Store in May 2016.
  • The event is titled 'Phantom of the Summer' and is split up into three parts: Limited swimsuit-edition units in the Lazuli Recruiter, Lakefront Demon Returns with Bonus Stage and Multiplayer War on the Water.
  • All of this sounds really awesome and we're competition will surely heat up! We'll drop more details of each event down below, and if you'd like to know more about Phantom of the Kill be sure to visit the official website.

Source: Official Press Release

What is Phantom of the Kill

Phantom of the Kill has over 3.5 million downloads in Japan, and has also won the Google Play 2015 Best Game award. This mobile tactical RPG game has been localized into English and released in 121 countries in the Google Play Store and 138 countries in the iOS App Store, mainly in North America and Europe.

The 3D battle will change dramatically with a flick of a finger. You can enjoy the dramatic story with the mysterious girls with their legendary weapons. The opening animation created by Mamoru Oshii is a must see!

Turn the tides of war with a swipe of your finger in this tactical role-playing game that combines strategy with drama!

Event Details

Limited swimsuit-edition units in the Lazuli Recruiter

Swimsuit-edition Tyrfing belongs to the new Ninja class and can ambush your foes from a distance with her Throwing Dagger! Swimsuit-edition Longinus and Shekinah have returned, and they now have 6-star forms. Units in swimsuits have special mobility over watery terrain, so use them in Event quests for a strategic advantage.

Event Period (PDT)
Midnight July 13 - July 26 11:59 PM
Event schedule subject to change.*

Lakefront Demon Returns with Bonus Stage

The hit event from last summer is back with a super-high-difficulty bonus stage! Defeat the boss at the end of the last stage to get powerful gear, and clear certain stages to get copies of swimsuit-edition Artemis!

Event Period (PDT)
Midnight July 13 - August 31 11:59 PM
Event schedule subject to change.*

Multiplayer War on the Water

Multiplayer Class Matches now have aquatic maps in this limited-time event. There are great rewards, including Dollies for enhancing units and their skills. Use Phantom of the Summer swimsuit units to form the ultimate summertime party and dominate this event!

Event Period (PDT)
July 13 6:00 PM - July 19 10:00 PM
Event schedule subject to change.

Summer has just begun, and there are more units to come! Stay updated through Facebook and Twitter!

honey's anime character
I like the anime inspired style behind the game, it truly adds more appeal to everything.

honey's anime character
Will there be a lot of waifus there?? I need to know!

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