Places to Avoid in PUBG for Beginners

PUBG-560x315 Places to Avoid in PUBG for Beginners


With so many places to run in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds it can be hard to find a spot to hide and play the safe game. While there’s an abundance of houses to situate yourself in should an emergency arrive, they’re not always the best place to be since you’re limited to house in which you’re in. We’re going to take a look at some of the places that beginners, but also experienced players, should try to avoid especially when it comes to mid-late game. Some of the videos provided below show some examples of this so be sure to tune in!

The Open Field

This one should be an obvious answer for anyone playing PUBG because staying out in the open for too long is just asking for trouble. Early game doesn’t really have much effect in this regard since everybody is pretty much scurrying around to find whatever weapons to equip, but it’s when you get into the mid-late game that this area should be off limits. One major reason is because by mid-late game most of the players left are already carrying a ton of powerful weapons to take you out, should they see you wandering carelessly out in the field. So if you’re without a strong weapon during the mid-late game then it’s best to stay close to houses where you can perhaps loot, or somehow stumble upon an enemy unawares and take them out.


Unless you’re equipped with a sniper rifle to deal with enemies on the run, this is one place you typically don’t want to be all the time. Again, early game is a different tale since almost everybody wants the higher ground in order to start from top to bottom. This is a great strategy since a lot of good items tend to be scattered around the upper levels, so as you go down it’s easier to take out the enemies coming up. However, the rooftop is a bad spot to put yourself when the odds are stacked against you since there’s not really any place to run. Jumping off the roof can cause bodily harm and sometimes death, but anyone on the ground who spots you falling is sure to run over to finish you off. You can of course run back through the house but remember, you’re going to have to deal with what’s coming towards you and if you’re not prepared for it then it’s lights out.

The Sides of Mountains/Cliffs

This one sounds a bit strange so let me paint a more detailed picture. If you’re running up a hill and you start to see less foliage then chances are you’re running up a mountain. You want to avoid this area because much like the open field, the mountains are pretty barren and don’t supply enough protection to keep you out of harm's way. Trying to snipe from a mountain is definitely very good in the earlier parts of the game but again, try to always think about the long term since that’s where most of the action will take place. A mountain with very little trees or even trees that are too thin to shield you are places you’ll want to just ignore, since smaller trees don’t amount to much and enemies can spot you from miles away.

If you intend to stay outside of houses and just camp outdoors to catch unsuspecting enemies, then look for spots that are covered with lots of foliage so that you’re able to slither your way around without being seen.

Honey's Final Verdict:

There’s probably a lot more spots in PUBG to stay away from, but they’re most likely not as dangerous as the ones we mentioned. Housing isn’t too bad since there’s a plethora of them but don’t build a habit around sitting too long inside. Always be moving but do so in a manner that’s tactful and minimal. Too much moving around just leaves you open but too little movement puts you behind the pack. Know when it’s time to start running so that you stay ahead of the enemy and find the proper place to put yourself in to score kills. Hopefully this will help to improve your PUBG gameplay!

PUBG-560x315 Places to Avoid in PUBG for Beginners
I sometimes have a bad habit of running out into the open field when I shouldn't. This just pointed out my flaw right away. I'd better start paying more attention to my gameplay.
PUBG-560x315 Places to Avoid in PUBG for Beginners
Hmm I never would've thought rooftops would be a place to avoid. I felt they'd be more of a benefit than anything.