Planetarian - Anime Summer 2016

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Drama, Sci-Fi

Airing Date:
7 July 2016

David Production

Honey's Highlights

bee-jerk Planetarian - Anime Summer 2016
It’s perfectly beautiful when a soundtrack and anime come together to make a masterpiece.
bee-jerk Planetarian - Anime Summer 2016
That’s true! The music in the trailer was so pretty. This is originally from a game right?
bee-jerk Planetarian - Anime Summer 2016
Yes. This has a very big Dimension W feel to it. Honey chan-have you seen it? I saw it like three years before it got big.
bee-jerk Planetarian - Anime Summer 2016
Didn’t Dimension W come out only like Winter 2016? How could you have seen it three years ago? Just watch the trailer already!

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The rain never ceases to fall. The ‘Sealed City’ that was abandoned thirty years ago after a sudden bacterial attack is now nothing but a desolate ruin, controlled by autonomous military machines. When he reached this city exhausted, he concealed himself in a building - and there he found it. The Planetarium.

In this stadium of stars once used to heal the hearts of the people that gazed within it, he meets a lone girl - or rather, a run-down robot - Yumemi. Begged by Yumemi to fix the broken projector, he forgets time and works on the repairs, and the rain continues to fall. As their days together slowly drift by, a sense of far-off nostalgia sways the boy’s heart. What is he thinking under this man-made sky? And what is the fate of Yumemi?

Characters & Voice Actors List

Yumemi Hoshino

Voice Actor: Keiko Suzuki

A companion robot mass-marketed before the Great War. Made to look like a 15-16 year-old girl, it’s difficult to tell she’s not human at first glance. Assigned to a planetarium in a department store, she used to man the projector and give commentary. Although once a chatty robot loved by customers and staff alike, she now has bugs in her basic software.


Voice Actor: Daisuke Ono

A man who makes his living selling precious resources that he recovers from towns that were reduced to ruins in the great war thirty years ago, a war that devastated the earth. One day, he infiltrates the Sealed City looking for new treasures and resources. Meets Yumemi at the abandoned Planetarium when he escapes from the Menschen Jaeger, military machines that defend the city.

Other TitlePlanetarian: Chiisana Hoshi no Yume, Planetarian: The reverie of a little planet
Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Hoshi no Fune by Lia
  • Ending Song: Twinkle Starlight by Sayaka Sasaki
Visual Novel

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Key, VisualArt’s
  • Director: Naokatsu Tsuda
  • Script: Shougo Yasukawa, Naokatsu Tsuda
  • Character Design: Hitomi Takechi
  • Sound Director: Takayuki Yamaguchi, Naokatsu Tsuda
  • Original Illustrator: E-ji Komatsu
  • Music: VisualArt’s

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