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When we tune into a lot of films, many of them depict a world that is run by artificial intelligence, and humans must try to find a way to initiate relationships with them. We live in a world that is governed by relationships, so what if now instead of human connections, you now had to connect into the complex mind of an android? How would you react to it all? Would it be an adventure, or would you find yourself losing grip on humanity? In our six anime like Planetarian: Chiisana Hoshi no Yume, we'll be following characters on their personal adventures as they have to come to terms with their new humanoid counterparts, but more importantly look past all the flaws and develop a love within themselves.

Similar Anime to Planetarian: Chiisana Hoshi no Yume

1. Chobits

  • Episodes: 26
  • Aired: April 3, 2002 -September 25, 2002

Chobits is a fantastic story created by famous female mangaka group Clamp, that shows us how no matter where you come from, any relationship can be formed from within. Hideki comes from a poor background and wants to see that path of his life turn around for the better, and so he studies hard to get into college. Unfortunately due to his setbacks he is unable to afford the necessities that allow him to pursue a lucrative career, let alone purchase one of the latest gadgets that peaked his interest. Fortunately for Hideki on his way home, he comes across an abandoned Persocom and is amazed by the state in which it was in. Sadly the android is only able to recite one word, and he assumes that it's defective. Instead of throwing it away, he decides to help this android learn how to speak and teach her about the world around them in the best way that he can.

Kuzuka and Hideki both stumble across an android that initially they are disappointed by, but overtime form an incredible bond which blossoms into something remarkable. Both androids have been abandoned by their first human user, and have some issues pertaining to their framework which prevent them from speaking in a very casual way. Overtime however, both androids discover more about themselves through the aid of a male protagonist who uses their ingenuity to fix the problems that have been plaguing them for some time. Both anime do a great job of expressing the importance of companionship while using fantastic humor to keep the viewer from deviating away from the course.

Chobits Trailer

2. Plastic Memories

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: April 5, 2015 - June 28, 2015

Plastic Memories tells the story of Tsukasa, who is given the opportunity of a lifetime to work at the SAI corporation, which is a group responsible for recovering Giftias who are approaching the end of their lifespans and scrap them. These Giftias are androids which have been bestowed with fully functioning human emotions, and have the responsibility of aiding their human counterparts however possible. Tsukasa discovers that one of his colleagues named Isla, the cute and fun loving girl is also a Giftia herself despite her position in the corporation. Through an order of their boss, the two must now work together, socialize together, and over time develop a close bond that forms into a romantic adventure.

As you can see, the premise of this anime is very clear. Tsukasa is a human who must now put all of his differences aside and form a relationship with someone who sees interest in him. This show creates a beautiful setting where two individuals look past the discrimination of human and android connection, and must now educate one another on the finer aspects of life and love. This shows us how remarkable compassion can be once we learn to look past the surface of all things, and dive a little deeper into a world where only feelings matter. The most important point we must all pay close attention to is that this anime demonstrates the importance of equality, and that in order for this world to be shaped in the form of a heart we must learn to shape the character that lives within all of us, and that is our souls.

Plastic Memories Trailer

3. Kowarekake no Orgel

  • Episodes: 1
  • Aired: December 31, 2009

Kowarekake no Orgel focuses on the life of Keiichiro who suffered severely as his family passed away from a tragic accident, and decides to retire from the band he enjoyed dearly. One day while walking to clear his mind of the past, Keiichiro discovers an old android model in a pile of garbage. To his curiosity he picks her up and takes her home to patch things up. Unfortunately Keiichiro soon learns that this android cannot be repaired, and decides to dispose of it in a state of regret. To his complete surprise however, the next morning he wakes up to find the very same android preparing his breakfast for him and from this moment, the two embark on a journey between android and human relationship.

In Planetarian, Kuzuya experiences many traumatic flashbacks of his past, and is left to survive on his own in a desolate world empty of all human existence. He then finds a planetarium run by an android who then helps to ease his pains and sorrows within, but to also build a close relationship with someone that isn't human. The same premise follows suit for Keiichiro as he deals with an extremely dark past and in order to cope with it and move forward, he's introduced to an android character who shows him a brighter path in life. Both have very cute android supporting characters who act as somewhat of a mentor and inspiration for both main protagonists in order to see beyond the stars, and to find solace within their aching hearts. These shows share a touching story of how true relationships have nothing to do with race or background, but more so about the deep rooted form of compassion that we all must embrace in order to see equally.

Any Anime Like Planetarian:Chiisana Hoshi no Yume?

4. Eve no Jikan

  • Episodes: 6
  • Aired: August 1, 2008 - September 18, 2009

Directed by famed director Yasuhiro Yoshiura, Eve no Jikan takes place in a futuristic world where the human race must now share their space with androids. These androids are unlike any typical run of the mill, as they've not only developed full artificial intelligence, but also having the ability to function with complex emotions as humans normally do. Due to this issue however, discrimination takes place in society and many androids find themselves isolated from the world around them. Eve no Jikan however is the only place where they can find solace, as the cafe caters to both humans and androids alike. Rikuo and Masaki must now come to terms with reality but also learn of the problems these androids face in society, especially when a dark organization comes to hear about this particular cafe.

Discrimination is just about everywhere in this world, and this anime speaks on this topic with extreme attention to detail. Masaki has a personal hatred towards the android race, and so Rikuo must show him that they're no different than humans and must come to form closer relationships with them. While watching you're immediately gripped by the prejudice that these androids deal with, as many patrons of the cafe share their stories and we learn more about the severe separation that's plaguing the world they live in. We come to see a development over time that shows Rikuo and Masaki feeling an intense sorrow towards these androids, and so they both learn of the struggles they go through while coming to view the true colors of human behavior.

Eve no Jikan Trailer

5. Dimension W

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: January 10, 2016 - March 27, 2016

In Dimension W, a new fourth dimension had been discovered which is filled with an abundance of energy to supply the entire nation. For anyone to use this energy, advanced technology known as coils are created which are linked directly with Dimension W, and provide the user with incredible amounts of power. However, due to a monopoly takeover by the notorious Tesla Energy corporation, illegal distribution begins to rapidly take over society, with many unofficial coils being developed. Kyouma is a collector of these illegal coils as it's his only means of acquiring money. Things take a turn for the worse however, when he his confronted by an android by the name of Mira, who has a very strong connection to the father of coils. Now after a series of mysterious event start to erupt, the two must now work together in order to stop the violent onslaught that's about to take place before it's too late.

Kyouma is stuck in a world that is full of corruption, and plagued with illegal activity that he finds life difficult to handle after some time. His normal duties become more and more deadly as he must now deal with underground organizations that plot to destroy what's left of the coils, and unlock the new dimension. Mira comes along who is an android but shares very humanistic qualities that essentially give her incredible powers to defeat her enemies. The two must work together under a new circumstance that puts their lives in danger, and so Kyouma must rely on Mira's special abilities while Mira must rely on Kyouma's natural talents to get the job done efficiently.

Dimension W PV

6. Hotori: Tada Saiwai wo Koinegau

  • Episodes: 1
  • Aired: August 28, 2005

After a tragic accident that led to the death of a young child named Ryo, his parents made a wish that he were to live on as an android, but under a different alias. Suzu is then created and now the new android must come to understand his android mechanics, but realize that he can still display human emotions and retains all of his memories. During a rehabilitation session he ends up losing his baseball in another building and must look for it. Through this ordeal he encounters a young girl in distress named Hotori and the two must come to understand one another, but more importantly Suzu learns of her disease that progressively grows worse over time. The two immediately begin to grow a bond and now must learn not only about the world around them, but about each other.

Hotori is such a gripping story that it took home the Animax Taisho award back in 2004, leaving many in amazement. The anime questions the viewers take on human existence, purpose and place in the world while creating a genuinely complex tale of a boy who must cope with his drastic changes. Suzu who was known as Ryo prior to his alteration is now an android who must deal with the sensitivities of being different, while dealing with a relationship that helps him recognize the many joys of life. This breathtaking 40 minutes looks at Hotori and Suzu, who are two children who are in the midst of maturing and travel through their youth together to further explore the inner workings of the soul. They come to realize that android or not, the heart is what still remains after we have been stripped naked of our insecurities.

Closing Statement

Our world as we know it is constantly evolving, and quite frankly it's hard to say where we'll end up in the next couple decades. One thing is most certain however, and that is the remarkable connection that is the human connection, and no matter how you look at it, our differences are what truly create a wonderful experience to live with. If we were all too similar in our ways, the world would feel flat and stagnant, but as these six anime exemplify, it's time we embrace our uniqueness for the entire world to admire. If you have any other anime like Planetarian: Chiisana Hoshi no Yume that you feel should make the list, be sure to let us know in the comments section down below! And also follow us on twitter for the latest article updates and tweets!

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