Pokemon Catches Us All with 3 Fun New Pokémon-Themed Foods!

Okay, we all know that Japan loves Pokémon (the whole world loves Pokémon, let’s be honest...) and also special collaboration food. It’s very common to see characters, anime, games, and movies on snacks and other food across Japan, even more so than it happens in Western countries. For Pokémon fans, the great news is that there are almost always new kinds of Pokémon-themed treats available year-round!

Today we are going to look at the three latest Pokémon-themed foods to hit Japan - two desserts and one main dish. By the end, we guarantee you’re going to be jealous if you can’t get your hands on at least one of these foods!

Gummy Candy

There are a lot of different kinds of gummy candies available to buy in Japan - entire walls’ worth at the supermarkets and convenience stores, in fact. And almost all of the major gummy brands feature exclusive and seasonal flavours to keep people buying these sweet and sour snacks again and again. One company, Puré, has added one more element to their newest flavour to help them snag even more customers. You guessed it - Pokémon!

Puré’s newest flavour of gummy is Electric Tropika flavour, and they are using none-other-than the most famous electric mascot of all to promote it. The packaging has an adorable close-up of Pikachu’s face in various expressions, including one where he looks like he just ate one of these sour-sweet candies himself. If the packaging and flavour aren’t enough for Pokémon fans, Puré has taken it one step further by making the treats themselves shaped like Pikachu! The flavour itself is a mix of banana, mango, and pineapple for the “tropika” part, with a zing of soda flavour to add the “electric.”
These snacks released in Japan in June 2020.

Ice Lollies (Popsicles)

As we approach summer, it’s understandable that many people will be looking for a cool and refreshing dessert instead. Garigari-kun is a popular brand of ice lollies widely available at convenience stores in Japan. While the original and most famous flavour is blue soda, Garigari-kun is infamous for making unexpected flavours of ice lollies as well (we are looking at you, fried omelette flavour...). Luckily for Pokémon fans, the brand’s latest flavour in collaboration with the upcoming movie Pokémon the Movie: Coco sounds delicious!

These ice lollies are golden pineapple flavoured, which sounds really refreshing for the heat of summer. The box has Pikachu on it of course, but also has the star of the upcoming movie, Zarude. If you’re not already sold on trying them, there’s also a chance that your box will have a limited, exclusive Pokémon card that will make any fan the envy of their friends.
These lollies released in Japan in June 2020.

Beef Bowls and Curry

Japan has plenty of cheap, fast, filling restaurants available - especially if you’re looking for Japanese food. Yoshinoya is one of the biggest names in the industry, with a menu mostly consisting of “gyudon,” or beef bowls. Right now, Yoshinoya is having a special Pokémon collaboration event for their classic beef bowls along with curry and rice (another affordable Japanese staple). These dishes are available to enjoy to-go served in a Pokeball-designed bowl - and the they even have a Pokeball-printed bag!

Yoshinoya is also offering a Pokémon set meal, which also includes a drink and a random figure. To go along with the gyudon theme, the Pokémon featured all have names ending with -don. Keeping in mind that many Pokémon have a different name in Japanese, the possible figures are Groudon, Lizardon (Charizard), Utsudon (Weepinbell), Tritodon (Gastrodon), Yadon (Slowpoke), and, well, Pikachu, because you can’t really have a Pokémon collaboration without him.

These bowls came to Japan in mid-May and will be gone by mid-June, so get yours quick!

Final Thoughts

Are you craving some delicious Pokémon food yet? We certainly are! And there’s nothing better to keep a trainer’s stomach (and sweet tooth) satisfied when they’re trying to catch ‘em all than these treats! If you’re in Japan, be sure to keep your eyes open for all of these limited collaboration items. And even if you aren’t in Japan, we hope you’ve enjoyed reading about these foods all the same. Plus keep in mind that there are online suppliers for Japanese snacks, so you might still be able to get your hands on the gummy candies at least!

Have you tried any of these Pokémon foods yet? Which one do you wish you could try? What kind of Pokémon collaboration food item would you love to see? Drop us a comment before you leave!

Pika-Pure-1 Pokemon Catches Us All with 3 Fun New Pokémon-Themed Foods!


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