Pokémon Trainers Unite! Time to Enter the Mobile Version of Pokémon Unite!

pokemon_unite_splash Pokémon Trainers Unite! Time to Enter the Mobile Version of Pokémon Unite!

Pokémon Unite surprised many gamers months ago when it released on the Nintendo Switch, and it turned out to be quite the solid MOBA experience. Sure, the P2W methodology ruined it for veteran MOBA gamers, but most saw past that and loved the fun—sometimes overly simple—mechanics within Pokémon Unite. While only Nintendo Switch players were able to enjoy Pokémon Unite, The Pokémon Company alongside TiMi Studio Group banned together to create a mobile version of it. Could it stand up to the Switch version? The short answer is "yes," but here are some reasons why we actually loved Pokémon Unite on Android and iOS!

MOBA on Mobile is Like Bread and Butter

pokemon_unite_splash Pokémon Trainers Unite! Time to Enter the Mobile Version of Pokémon Unite!

Games like Arena of Valor, League of Legends: Wild Rift or Mobile Legends: Bang Bang are just a few of the MOBA we love playing when we’re stuck on a long train ride or at work bored out of our minds. Pokémon Unite, now available for Android and iOS. plays extremely similar to its Nintendo Switch counterpart. In some ways, even better.

Being focused on touch screen primarily, the UI and controls are rock solid on phones. Maneuvering Pokémon around and unleashing their special attacks and Unite moves is snappy and easy to do. Nevertheless, using a controller does give a bit more control over movement, especially when battles get heated, but we noticed even intense fights worked well on mobile and made Pokémon Unite a lot of fun. If you can’t afford a Switch or just don’t like one, then you’ll be happy to know Pokémon Unite was done quite well on mobile devices, and nothing was lost in translation.

Simple for All Ages

MOBAs can be quite competitive and require a certain level of finesse many don’t want to learn. Pokémon Unite removes the extreme need to become a master, as it’s a title made for all ages. Obviously, you’ll notice when you’re up against a less skillful gamer during ranked matches, but more often than not, you won’t be throwing your phone against the wall when you lose a match. Pokémon Unite is simple and fun, and sometimes, that’s all you want when gaming on the go.

Cross-Play and Cross-Accounts!?

pokemon_unite_splash Pokémon Trainers Unite! Time to Enter the Mobile Version of Pokémon Unite!

Many of us here at Honey's Anime love cross-platform gaming. Not only does it allow us to play with friends who might own different consoles but it gives a wider audience to the game. Pokémon Unite allows those who have the Nintendo Switch version to play with and against cellphone users, and you can even link your various accounts to use what you’ve earned and unlocked regardless of your platform choice. Great job Pokémon Unite, you’ve done something that rarely happens in the gaming world, and more companies need to do the same!

Did We Mention I's Free-to-Play?

Yes, that’s right folks; your eyes aren’t deceiving you! In a world of higher game prices—games can now cost almost $70— Pokémon Unite is completely free-to-play! Yes, there are micro transactions—more on that in a moment—but none of these in-game items are needed to enjoy Pokémon Unite at its fullest! Honestly, Pokémon Unite is a game that should cost money, but being free makes this title even better!

If you somehow missed the initial Nintendo Switch launch of Pokémon Unite, then you no doubt missed the biggest issue gamers had with it on release: the pay-to-win formula it contains. As we mentioned above, there are in-game items you can buy, but some of these items actually enhance your Pokémon when you’re playing. Does it ruin the entire Pokémon Unite experience? Not really, but it can make some matches frustrating when you go up against someone who is skilled and, on top of that, uses overpowered items that make their various Pokémon of choice strnger.

Final Thoughts

Pokémon Unite is basically the same game on Android and iOS, but even better. Not only are the controls clearly optimized for mobile but having Pokémon Unite playable on our smaller phones—rather than the larger Nintendo Switch—makes this game even more accessible to gamers. If you don’t have a Nintendo Switch—or even if you do—we fully recommend Pokémon Unite on Android or iOS!

pokemon_unite_splash Pokémon Trainers Unite! Time to Enter the Mobile Version of Pokémon Unite!


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