5 Most Exciting Predictions for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

With the recent announcement of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet – the ninth generation of Pokémon games – the internet has been abuzz with theories about what secrets they could hold. So far, we only have one trailer and a few supplementary details to work with, but we’ve got our speculation hats on already. Here are the five most exciting predictions for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, both from us and the gaming community at large!

1. The New Region Will Be Based on Spain

Each region in the franchise is based on a real-world location: the first four regions are parts of Japan, Kalos is France, Galar is Great Britain, etc. So naturally, one of the first things fans focused on was what geographical flavor the new region would be steeped in. And judging by the shape of the map on the player’s wall, the rustic architecture, and the large building that closely resembles Barcelona’s Sagrada Família, it looks like generation 9’s region will be based on Spain! Perhaps we’ll get some kind of bull-race minigame? Maybe the “dancer” trainers will be flamenco themed? So many possibilities!

2. The “Fallers” Subplot Will Be Expanded

Starting in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, a strange subplot about interdimensional “fallers” has been creeping around under the surface of the Pokémon games. Fallers are random people who are suddenly pulled through time and space into a new reality, often with little memory of their original lives. Since Pokémon Legends: Arceus focused on the topic so heavily, it’s possible that these new games will follow up on some of the fallers and hopefully even send some of them back home. Being stuck in an alternate dimension forever is just too sad...

3. The Gameplay Will Combine Aspects of Sword & Shield and Legends: Arceus

The reveal trailer didn’t show any actual game mechanics, so we can’t be sure about this, but it seems like Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s gameplay will combine some aspects of both Sword & Shield and Legends: Arceus. The wide-open plains with wandering Pokémon resemble Galar’s wild areas and Hisui’s open-world design – we doubt that Pokémon will attack the player in this modern-day setting, but perhaps the sneaking and Poké Ball throwing mechanics will make a comeback. Coupled with traditional battling, exploring this new region could truly be the immersive experience fans have been wanting for years.

4. Part of the Game Will Take Place at a School

Player characters in Pokémon games usually wear some combination of casual and athletic clothes that would be practical to travel in, but the protagonists of Scarlet and Violet look more ready for class than ready for an adventure. Could this mean that an early portion of the game will take place at a school? It could be fun to start out taking field trips and making friends before suddenly being thrust into a quest to save the world! Maybe the first gym leader will be the homeroom teacher and the player has to defeat them to prove that they’re worthy of graduating (and getting a new outfit)? It’s an unusual idea, but it could definitely work!

5. So Many New Pokémon Designs!

Everyone seems to love the new starter Pokémon already, so we have high hopes for the new monster designs in this generation. Maybe we’ll finally get a dolphin Pokémon or some rad regional variants of underutilized characters like Dunsparce and Chatot. The Spain-influenced setting could lead to Pokémon based on matadors or even Picasso paintings... and we’re long overdue for a new Eeveelution. How about a dragon-type this time?

Final Thoughts

We’re also crossing our fingers for a way to import our teams from Legends: Arceus into these new games so we can test out their abilities in regular Pokémon battles. Maybe if we can figure out how to send the fallers home, we can also reach into the past to grab our Hisuian Pokémon...? Or perhaps the game will just explain away a simple mechanic as a “time machine” like the old Game Boy games did. Either way works, but one is certainly more spectacular than the other!

What did you think of our predictions? What are you hoping to see in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet? Let us know in the comments, and thanks so much for reading!

Pokemon-Scarlet-and-Violet-Wallpaper 5 Most Exciting Predictions for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet


Author: Mary Lee Sauder

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