[Pop-up Otaku Hot-Spot] Pokemon Colors - A Digital Art Experience for All Ages!

Pokemon Colors Concept Movie

Today, Pokemon is a card game, a movie franchise, a long-running anime and manga series, and of course, a famous video game series. Almost every entry in the series, starting with the original Red and Blue, have been named after a colour. To celebrate the long-standing importance of colours in the Pokemon franchise, a new art exhibition has just opened in the high fashion, upper class district in Ginza in Tokyo called Pokemon Colors.

Don’t let the location of this exhibition put you off, though; Pokemon Colors is an exhibition for Pokemon fans everywhere to enjoy. It's a very limited art expo, only running for a couple of weeks and with limited tickets. Let’s have a look at what Pokemon Colors is all about!
Check out the concept movie for the event here!

Pokemon Colors, Ginza, Tokyo

Location Address

● Matsuya Ginza Event Square 8F, 3-6-1 Ginza, Chuo City, Tokyo 104-8130

Nearest train line(s)

● “Ginza Station” - Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Tokyo Metro Marunochi Line, Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line

Cost of Admission ¥1,200 (adult same day ticket), ¥1,000 (child same day ticket), + ¥1,000 (adult advance ticket), ¥800 (child advance ticket)

Hours of Operation Time and days
July 22nd, 2021 - August 11th, 2021, Weekdays 10am - 8pm
Official Website https://www.matsuya.com/ginza/events/2021/0624/pokemon-colors/ (Japanese only)

The Experience

Pokemon Colors is an art exhibition, so don’t expect your usual Pokemon experience. But that is exactly what makes it unique and special! Pokemon Colors aims to blend Pokemon and colour together to make a comforting, calming experience for visitors. It’s a digital art display as well, so instead of still pictures or paintings, the images that you see are moving and changing. Pokemon Colors has four different areas inside, and as you move through the areas, Pokemon will appear on the screens around you in a circle. Then, the screens will be covered in many colours coming from the Pokemon and all around them, enveloping you in colour.

A true digital art experience, Pokemon Colors is not just visual but audio as well. Along with the different colours moving around you amongst the Pokemon, there will also be sounds and music. Pokemon Colors is meant to be a full sensory experience, meant to let you forget about all of the stress and worry of the outside world for an hour and have a comforting, beautiful experience with Pokemon instead. It's also fully interactive, letting you do things like throwing a “Pokeball” at the screen which causes more Pokemon to appear. And every time a Pokemon comes onto the screen, you guessed it, more colours will come, too! There’s another area where you can ride a stationary bike along the Pokemon road, hitting buttons on the handlebars in time with the Pokemon as they pass to release more colours.

Pokemon Colors is appropriate for the whole family, so even if you have young children they can enjoy art in a way that they can understand and interact with it. It’s not just about looking, it's about playing and enjoying and having fun. And of course, adults can enjoy Pokemon Colors, too—there is no age limit on loving Pokemon.

Until August 3rd, there will also be a Pokemon Center gift store too! It is the first Pokemon Center to open in Ginza, and while it's small, there are plenty of Pokemon souvenirs you can take home. Keep the date in mind, though, as the Pokemon Center will close a few days before Pokemon Colors finishes. This is in addition to the actual gift store for Pokemon Colors, which has hoodies, phone cases, stationery, and more—including beautiful artwork for your home—with the logo for the art exhibition and other Pokemon artwork on them.

Additional info

Each ticket for Pokemon Colors is for a one-hour time window, on the hour. If you want to ensure that you are able to see the exhibition and not find yourself disappointed when there are no time slots available or you have to wait a long time, you can reserve your ticket in advance for your chosen date and time slot. The other great thing about reserving your ticket in advance is that you can save a little bit of money, as advance tickets are cheaper than same day tickets. That’s a little extra money you can use at the gift store!

You can buy a ticket at Lawson convenience store using the code on the official website. Because there was an advance lottery for the tickets in June as well as another advanced ticket sale earlier in July, we definitely recommend getting a reservation rather than just showing up; this event is likely to sell out.

Pokemon Colors is only a 10-minute ride on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line to Nihombashi Station, which is home to the Pokemon Cafe and a huge Pokemon Store!! If you want to make a whole afternoon of Pokemon fun in East Tokyo, Pokemon Colors is a fun and special addition to an already fun plan of the Pokemon Cafe.

Final Thoughts

If you like art and Pokemon, you won’t want to miss Pokemon Colors! And even if you are not usually much of an art museum kind of person, this digital, fully interactive exhibit is not like anything you’ve ever seen before. It brings art alive and makes it almost a game—all through Pokemon. It's not around for very long, though, so if you’re in Tokyo be sure you don’t miss it. And if you’re abroad, you can always follow their Twitter page to see all the latest updates about the exhibition.

Are you planning to go to Pokemon Colors? Would you go if you were able to? Would you like to see a similar digital art expo with another otaku theme? You can leave your comments and questions below!

048 [Pop-up Otaku Hot-Spot] Pokemon Colors - A Digital Art Experience for All Ages!


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