Psychological Dark Anime Evil or Live Reveals Preview & Screenshots for Episode 2!

What You Need to Know:

  • Check out the preview for the next episode of EVIL OR LIVE as well as screenshots!
  • Episode 2: At the Threshold of Cold-heartedness & Tenderness.
  • Shin and Hibiki have arrived on the school field when, in front of them, the head of the moral committee Wu Dou decides that he is going to humiliate a female student named Zhen. However, the student council president Shiori steps in to stop him. When Hibiki steps in to interfere, and help Shiori, with whom he attended middle school, he ends up being the one who is attacked. But soon, the school officials appear and the issue is sorted out. However, when Shin sees that Zhen and Shiori have gotten their hands on a cellphone, he offers them the following proposition, “If you have some sort of connection with Hibiki, hand over the phone now” ...

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honeys anime character
Why does everyone have boxcutters?

honeys anime character
Tough times call for tough measures, I guess. It's just a cellphone though...