Psychological Dark Anime Evil or Live Reveals Preview & Screenshots for Episode 4: Stepping into the Briar Patch

What You Need to Know:

  • Check out the preview for the next episode of EVIL OR LIVE as well as screenshots!
  • Episode 4: Stepping into the Briar Patch
  • In order to protect his roommates, Hibiki rebels against the head instructor, Shian. However, Shiori appears in front of Hibiki and tells him that he needs to apologize. When he finally shakes her off though, a cell phone falls out from her pocket. In accordance with the school rules, all of Shiori and Hibiki’s classmates share collective responsibility, which means that they all have to be punished for breaking the rules. Seeing for himself personally what a terrible spectacle he has brought about himself, he makes a certain resolution…

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honeys anime character
Considering the 'decision' reached last time, I cannot wait to see what 'decision' he arrives at again. ehehehehehe

honeys anime character
Pretty sure he is not going to whip it out again... In the mean time, I cannot wait to see what he does. I wonder if he will cave and obey Shin yet. Clearly, Shin knows what is going on.