New Queen's Blade Anime Announced

What You Need to Know:

  • This day just keeps getting better and better with the announcement that mega-ecchi series, Queen's Blade, has confirmed a new anime series is in the works called Queen's Blade Unlimited. The last time we saw Queen's Blade on our screens was five years ago!
  • Originally created by Hobby Japan, the series started out as a series of books. It has received OVAs, Anime Adaptations, Manga, Figures, and more! In line with this announcement, Hobby Japan has also confirmed that a new story will be created for the anime along with a figure line and various other forms of media.
  • The visual teases with a warrior who has Airi, one of the servants to the swamp witch, on a chain. It seems like at least this sexy villaness will come back! The visual says "Stronger, More Majestic, Reboot! Queen's Blade Unlimited!"

Source: Official Site

bee-music New Queen's Blade Anime Announced
Cute sugiru boku wa Merona, Usamimi no Shape Shifter~
bee-music New Queen's Blade Anime Announced
Oooo that is a good song! Good to see all of my 18 girls are coming back.