Reasons Kenshirou no Yoroshiku (Send My Regards to Kenshiro) is Comedy Gold

  • Mangaka : Jasmine Gyuh
  • Publisher : Young Magazine
  • Genre : Comedy, Ecchi, Seinen
  • Published : March 2020- Ongoing

Introduction: Kenshirou no Yoroshiku (Send My Regards to Kenshiro)

Classic stories of orphans taking revenge for parents who were murdered in front of them are a dime a dozen. Often, the protagonists either seek a powerful master or train like crazy. Of course, that means that we, the readers, are up to some action-packed scenes. However, there are some unique cases that not everything goes as planned. Kenshirou no Yoroshiku (Send My Regards to Kenshiro) is a prime example of this.

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

Kenshirou no Yoroshiku (Send My Regards to Kenshiro) follows the story of Koichi Numakura who seeks to kill a certain yakuza. His desire for revenge started when his mother left him for that yakuza. In his bid for revenge, he diligently read and trained Fist of the North Star and became its only practitioner. When the time came for him to exact his revenge, he found out that his skills couldn’t actually kill even the weakest of man. Lost and without any purpose, he somehow became a professional masseuse. Still, he hasn’t let go of his primary goal of killing his sworn nemesis, the yakuza that his mother chose over him.

Pretty funny, right? Yeah, we think so too. Here are the reasons why this manga is pure comedy gold.

1. The Absurdity of the Premise

As we’ve already explained, the entire series revolves around a Kenshirou wannabe that took Fist of the North Star seriously. After training for years and actually obtaining a buff body, he just turned out to be a masseuse. Not only that, his extensive knowledge about acupoints and pressure actually made him a top-notch masseuse. If that’s not absurd enough, he even gets to have an apprentice who he got from a bar. Originally, she offered massage to her customers in exchange for a few thousand. But in front of our legendary martial artist turned masseuse, her skills are lacking. As such, she chose to apply as his apprentice.

2. The Protagonist is a Nutjob

Just with the way he chose to live his life, wasting years of his youth training “martial arts,” our protagonist clearly has some screws loose. However, it actually added to the series’ hilarity meter. With his unconventional way of thinking, we get to see a heck ton of stupid blunders and misadventures. Not only that, but it also often leads to stupid, but funny twists. Finally, there’s just no way predicting what’s about to come next.

3. The Sexual Innuendo

This manga, despite the stupidly funny premise, is tagged as seinen. It maximizes its pass by adding a heck ton of NSFW content to the story. Heck, one of his clients was an old couple who wants to have sex one last time before they hit the grave. The good thing about this series, however, is that the sexual stuff isn't forced. They appear if they’re part of the story and are absent when not needed. Something that we laud the series for.

Final Thoughts

Kenshirou no Yoroshiku (Send My Regards to Kenshiro) is, in all sense of the word, hilarious. We often catch ourselves literally laughing out loud while reading it. Although the series won’t actually teach us anything useful -- maybe even dumb us down a little -- it is still a very entertaining read. If you’re down in the dumps or having a shitty day, then give this series a try.

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