Sabikui Bisco

Sabikui Bisco

Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Airing Date:
January 10, 2022


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The wind that decays all that it touches—the rust wind—blows over the remnants of a wasted Japan. All live in fear of the putrefying rust that covers buildings and creatures alike. Bisco Akaboshi, a boy from the reviled Mushroom Protector Clan, sets out on a journey into this unforgiving world to find a mythical mushroom known as “the rust eater” that could purge the rust from anything to save his dying master. On the way, he meets a handsome young doctor named Milo Nekoyanagi who is also looking for a way to stop the rust to save his older sister. The moment these two join hands, they begin a brand new adventure to save the ones they love.

Human hearts don’t rust.

Characters & Voice Actors

Sabikui-Bisco-KV Sabikui Bisco
Bisco Akahoshi: Shunta Suzuki

A young man from the Mushroom Protector Clan with fiery red hair and keen eyes. He’s a master of the bow who never fails to miss his target. The arrows he shoots have fungal hyphae in them that causes giant mushrooms to instantly sprout wherever they land. He’s feared as the “Man-eating Mushroom” and has an 800,000 yen bounty on his head.
Sabikui-Bisco-KV Sabikui Bisco
Milo Nekoyanagi: Natsuki Hanae

A handsome young doctor who runs a clinic in Imihama. He is well liked and has earned the nickname “Doctor Panda” because of the black birthmark around his left eye. He has a natural gift for medicine. In order to save his sister Paw, who has been infected with the rust, he keeps trying to develop a cure by compounding illegal mushrooms.
Sabikui-Bisco-KV Sabikui Bisco
Pawoo Nekoyanagi: Reina Kondou

Milo’s older sister who is an iron club wielding warrior. She’s the leader of the vigilante group that protects Imihama, and she possesses physical strength and abilities far beyond those of an ordinary person. Despite being severely stricken by the rust, her willpower has not waned and her spirit burns with a sense of duty to protect her brother and the city from the Mushroom Protectors.
Sabikui-Bisco-KV Sabikui Bisco
Tirol Ochagama: Miyu Tomita

A mysterious beautiful girl with striking jellyfish-like pink hair. She’s got skills and is fast on her feet, but she’s a penny-pincher. She’s one of Kurokawa’s bodyguards, but her main trade is a traveling merchant, selling wares from her “Jellyfish Shop.” She bumps into Bisco and his companions at various places.
Sabikui-Bisco-KV Sabikui Bisco
Jabi: Shiro Saito

Bisco’s master and the hero of the Mushroom Protector Clan, once known as the “Holy Archer.” He’s traveling throughout Japan with Bisco for a certain purpose, but he’s aware that he doesn’t have long to live and is worried about Bisco’s future once he’s gone.
Sabikui-Bisco-KV Sabikui Bisco
Kurokawa: Kenjiro Tsuda

The governor of Imihama. He rules over the city with an entourage of bodyguards who wear rabbit masks of the prefectural mascot, Imi-kun. He’s plotting to get his hands on Milo for himself so he can gain greater fame and fortune. After encountering Bisco in Imihama, he becomes strangely fixated on arresting him.
Sabikui-Bisco-KV Sabikui Bisco
Actagawa: -

A rideable giant iron swimming crab. As Bisco and Jabi’s trusted partner, it travels with them throughout Japan, and Bisco in particular has a strong, brother-like bond with it. Only those who belong to the Mushroom Protector Clan can easily ride it.

”Sabikui Bisco” (Light novel)
Sabikui-Bisco-KV Sabikui Bisco

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Shinji Kobukubo
  • Director: Atsushi Ikariya
  • Assistant Director: Daisuke Mataga
  • Script: Sadayuki Murai
  • Series Composition: Sadayuki Murai
  • Character Design: Ayumi Asari / Atsushi Ikariya
  • Animation Director: Ayumi Asari / Toshie Igawa
  • Sound Director: Norisuke Koziumi
  • Original Illustrator: Akagishi K / mocha
  • Music: Takeshi Ueda / Hinako Tsubakiyama

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