Sabikui Bisco Review – “Mushrooms are indeed very powerful and kind of scary…”

“Mushrooms are indeed very powerful and kind of scary…”

  • Episodes : 12
  • Genre : Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
  • Airing Date : January 2022 – March 2022
  • Producers : OZ

Contains Spoilers

Introduction and Story

Mushrooms are a food topping that can be used for tons of dishes like pizza and even ramen. Unfortunately, these seemingly innocent fungi end up contributing to the end of the world as we know. Carried by the wind, spores from mushrooms end up infecting people with a disease that causes their bodies to “rust”. Now in an uncertain future, the landscape we once knew is all but gone. Few cities exist in this dangerous world but those who have survived fight to live and stave off the rust-filled wind. A young doctor and a wanted man are soon to cross paths in this new world and they will go on a journey that may forever change the world!

An Eccentric but Incredible Cast

From the eccentric and hyperactive Bisco Akaboshi to the calm but quick-to-get excited panda doctor Milo Nekoyanagi, the cast for Sabikui Bisco is a diverse mix. While some shows can put in too many tropes for characters—like Milo’s sister Pawoo who is sick but still tough—Sabikui Bisco utilizes all of these oddballs almost flawlessly. Watching the banter between the cast feels like a shounen adventure but with a bit more maturity and explosiveness. Finding one character you particularly love in Sabikui Bisco can be a tough undertaking but if we’re being honest, almost every character has a purpose and is amazing.

High Octane Action and Animation

Bisco’s world is a dangerous one with the rust-eating disease and the landscape being almost Mad Max inspired and that should already be a clue as to what to expect from Sabikui Bisco regarding action sequences. Our main lead is a truly reckless warrior who fires his mushroom arrows—they seriously make mushrooms grow wherever they hit—without hesitation and is willing to get the job done no matter the end result. Poor panda doctor—Milo—lost his clinic thanks to the red-headed archer and while we feel bad for our doc…we were in awe of how explosive our main man is. The animation also enhances every scene making Sabikui Bisco a thrilling adventure to watch from start to finish!

Somewhat Simple Post-Apocalyptic Plot

If we had one minor gripe with Bisco’s journey it would be the overly simple post-apocalyptic world we see. Many series rely on sand wastelands, other biomes, and small cities that show remnants of the past—Desert Punk and Trigun—but Sabikui Bisco’s world doesn’t really scream originality. Thankfully, the narrative outshines the generic world but we wished we could have seen a more complex setting for our strange party of survivors.

Needed More Episodes

At only 12-episodes, Sabikui Bisco feels like it could have been even further expanded. We would have loved to see longer journeys with our small ragtag team and want to see how Bisco and Milo deal with their newest mission. Sabikui Bisco could have run 24 episodes and expanded the story to really flesh out the lore behind the world, the rust, and other minor characters.

Final Thoughts

Sabikui-Bisco-Wallpaper-6-700x394 Sabikui Bisco Review – “Mushrooms are indeed very powerful and kind of scary…”

What’s really regrettable is that Sabikui Bisco was such a hidden gem this winter 2022 season. Sabikui Bisco was full of outrageously cool action and had a fun cast of characters but the story feels like it could go way beyond just a mere 12-episode run! We highly recommend giving Sabikui Bisco a shot as this is probably one of the better fantasy-adventure series of the last several years!

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Sabikui-Bisco-Wallpaper-6-700x394 Sabikui Bisco Review – “Mushrooms are indeed very powerful and kind of scary…”


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Sabikui-Bisco-Wallpaper-6-700x394 Sabikui Bisco Review – “Mushrooms are indeed very powerful and kind of scary…”

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