Sailor Mercury is the Best Sailor in Sailor Moon. Here's Why!

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (Sailor Moon) is an anime that has been beloved for decades. This nostalgic show is popular among all age groups and has had many spin offs since the original series. This anime has not only been popular in Japan but has spread its popularity and acclaim is contagious to fans around the world. With the Sailor Soldiers, it is impossible to not have your favorite and root for one to conquer over the rest, all while enjoying seeing them work together and overcome their problems. In the end, friendship really does conquer all.

What is Sailor Moon?

Sailor Moon was a series that aired from 1992-1993. It preached friendship and love all while being a trail-blazing anime that pushed girls to fight for what they believed in rather than letting a man solve their problems, as is a common complaint about Disney movies. The anime focuses on a girl named Usagi Tsukino who is average and unremarkable until she discovers that she is fated to become a Sailor Guardian. She soon meets the other Sailor Guardians and discovers that they must work together to defeat the evil Queen Beryl and save the world. This coming of age story is delightfully relatable as the group must work to not only overcome the world’s problems but also everyday problems such as boys, grades and feuds between friends.

Why is Sailor Mercury the Best?

Ami Mizuno or better known as Sailor Mercury is a shy and intelligent girl that the Sailor Guardians could not have gone without. She is logical and is able to analyze the enemy when faced in battle. Without Sailor Mercury, the Sailor Guardians would not be pulled back down to reality and go with the crazy and outlandish plans suggested by the other guardians that would surely end in disaster. With an IQ of 300, Sailor Mercury is easily the smartest Sailor Guardian and carries the power of ice and water. She is also the first Sailor Guardian that Sailor Moon finds. Serena is arguably the closest with Ami because of this connection and she also reigns Serena in when she gets overwhelmed with ideas of her and Tuxedo Mask and feuds between her and the other Sailor Guardians later in the anime. Sailor Mercury keeps all of the Sailors grounded which is one of the most important qualities when fighting other worldly entities.

Final Thoughts

There are many unique qualities to each Sailor Guardian. Throughout the 25 years that this show has been airing, there have been many fans of all ages that can enjoy this show and relate to it. Each Sailor Guardian is unique in their own way and this anime has been so successful because it can be relatable to so many fans. This is why we think that Sailor Mercury is the best, but if you have a differing opinion, we would love to hear it below in the comments section.

Ami-Mizuno-Bishoujo-Senshi-Sailor-Moon-Crystal-dvd-399x500 Sailor Mercury is the Best Sailor in Sailor Moon. Here's Why!


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