Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Set 1 Limited Edition Blu-Ray/DVD Unboxing

The Last Season Gets a Shining Part 1 Limited Edition


  • Format: Blu-Ray, DVD
  • Anime Studio: Toei Animation
  • Anime Licensor: Viz Media
  • Release Date: June, 18, 2019
  • Price: $79.99
  • Language: English Dubbed, Japanese
  • Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Magic, Romance, Shoujo
    # of Discs: 3 Blu-Ray Discs, 3 DVD Discs
  • Bonus Content: 96 Page Art Book, Hard Case, Cast Interviews, Art gallery, Trailers, Opening and Ending Songs
  • Official Website:

About Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Set 1 Limited Edition Blu-Ray/DVD

The long-running magical girl series known worldwide has finally been given its 5th season on Blu-Ray/DVD! Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Season 5, Part 1 Limited Edition contains the first half of the final season with a whopping 17 episodes—uncut—and comes with a few more goodies to really make your inner sailor scout scream with glee. This simple—but cute—limited edition set features several nice items for fans of the series. While we’ll get into what you can expect from Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Season 5 Part 1 Limited Edition in a brief moment as we unbox this little set and dive into its contents, we should first explain what series you’re even getting into.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars is the fifth and final season of the long-running Sailor Moon franchise. Our sailor scout heroes have entered the high school life and try their hardest to make precious memories and avoid forever scarring bad memories. However, their peaceful days won’t be lasting much longer as a powerful mysterious enemy rescues the evil and wicked Queen Nehalennia. Now our heroes will need to renter battle, but it won’t be an easy one and their teamwork will be tested in various ways to come! Our exciting conclusion to the Sailor Moon series begins here in this limited-edition box set so without any more delay, here’s what you can expect to find on the outside and the inside!

On the Outside

The first moment you hold this Blu-Ray sized limited edition box set, you’ll notice it’s a nice hard box that makes for a perfect set piece on a shelf or desktop. We always love boxes that feel rigid as they stand on their own without falling down and equally don’t take up too much real-estate. Sailor Moon/Usagi looks incredible too with her pose showing she’s ready to do battle with the forces of evil in her enhanced sailor form! It’s a clean cut looking image and that is how we like our heroine to be, at her best without being too over the top. Our one gripe though is once you remove the shrink wrap on this Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Season 5 Part 1 Limited Edition, you’ll notice the box art itself is a bit…plain. We have Sailor Moon herself on the front with the title at her legs, but on the back you just have an image of the top of her sailor staff. We really think an image of all the sailor scouts or some cool alternate pose would have been nice on the back, but it just feels like a lot of unused backdrop. Luckily, what really matters is on the inside and that’s where we see a lot more content making your $70+ dollar investment a bit more worthwhile!

On the Inside

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Season 5 Part 1 Limited Edition’s interior is as simple as the exterior but still is far from as minimal as the outside. Inside we see our standard Blu-Ray disc holder, which houses all 6 discs—3 Blu-Rays and 3 DVDs—and a reversible cover to make you contemplate whether you want a heroic looking case or an evil one! The other goodie with this box set is the 96-page art book that really makes the price of admission worth it. The art book itself is a treat with a paperback feel. Each page of the art book has images of our heroines and villains with descriptions for not only the episodes but also for the characters as well. Our only gripe with the art book is that out of the 96 pages, 4 of them act as advertisements for the manga, movies and Sailor Moon Crystal series. If you’re a fan of Sailor Moon, you no doubt own these other sets or have known about them so having them as advertisements in an art book is a bit of a strange thing. Aside from that though, there is a sleeve that is added to the inside of the box set to show that part 2 can be nestled in quite nicely making your box set the perfect housing for the final season as a whole.

Bonus Features

Now we know you’re itching to learn what bonus content you can expect when you pop in Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Part 1! Don’t worry, folks; you’re getting some truly magical bonus material and we will begin with the art gallery which has even more high-resolution images to stare at if the art book wasn’t enough already. You can also jam out to the opening and ending of the 5th season; we always love when a Blu-ray adds the OP and ED. The final disc of the set also contains cast interviews with several English Dub voice actresses and it’s a real treat to hear them talk about what they enjoyed about the series thus far. One of the last bonus features worth mentioning is the myriad of audio styles you can watch Sailor Moon Sailor Stars! There is both English and Japanese audio as well as subtitles for both. This means you’re really free to listen and watch Sailor Moon Sailor Stars however best makes you feel comfortable! We assume that set 2 will contain more interviews too, so if you’re feeling down that your favorite scout or character didn’t get their moment of sunshine, just keep faith part 2 will deliver in that regard!

Honey’s Final Verdict

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Part 1 Limited Edition is a pretty simple set but has just enough to make the price tag not hurt too much. The box itself isn’t the most eye grabbing box set we’ve seen, but the fact it has one extra slot for part 2 and an art book makes up for its overly simple outer images. The art book will really please Sailor Moon fans with some nice art of our scouts with also mini biographies making it a cute way of reminding yourself of where this series has gone in terms of characters. Overall, for around $70-$80 dollars, Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Set 1 Limited Edition Blu-Ray/DVD isn’t a bad box set to nab due in large part to the nice 17 uncut episodes and hard box that can house part 2 when it releases soon! Have you bought this limited edition for yourself yet or are you still on the fence about spending your paycheck? Comment below to let us know and for more unboxing reviews to save yourself time and money, keep stuck to us here at Honey’s Anime!

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