SAKUGAN Episode 1 Review – Already Hooked On This Father-Daughter Sci-Fi Adventure!

Sakugan_16x9_Twitter-Post-700x394 SAKUGAN Episode 1 Review – Already Hooked On This Father-Daughter Sci-Fi Adventure!

A fast-paced chase, the glint of a hidden gun in the waistband of one of the chasers. A young girl seems to be running for her life and just as she gets some distance, an imposing man jumps off a building and lands before her. Words are said and just as a serious moment is about to occur, both runners end up caught in various traps they set up and begin a comical banter of incorrect name-calling and jabs.

SAKUGAN’s first episode shows this is a series that isn’t aiming to be super serious and that might be what we already love about it! Here at Honey’s Anime we were given the chance to review the first episode of SAKUGAN before it premieres worldwide during Virtual Crunchyroll Expo ( this August 5th, and what a treat this first episode was! Let’s discuss what we loved about episode one and why this might be the next hit anime series to grace your monitors this Fall!

Father and Daughter Hilarity Ensues

The two chasing people we meet early on in episode one are father and daughter Gagumber and Memempu. Workers in the strange mining colony dubbed Pinyin, these two oddballs definitely have different personalities that ebb and flow with each other perfectly. Memempu wants to be a “Marker” who can leave the colony and enter the dangerous Labyrinth in search of her mother. However, Gagumber isn’t so keen on his 9-year-old daughter risking her life as he knows of the dangers beyond the colony. This causes the two to clash but already their bickering is quite hilarious and realistic. If SAKUGAN can offer even more of this comedic duo going forward, this series will be both heartwarming and laugh-out-loud-inducing!

Beautiful Animation Brimming with Style

Studio Satelight—known for Log Horizon, Fairy Tail, and Aquarian—are no strangers to making some lovely anime series but SAKUGAN might be one of their best works yet. The world of Gagumber and Memenpu brims with personality and detail. Everything from the gritty mining caves to the overcrowded city have depth that makes them feel real despite being quite fictional. The same can be said of the characters who yell and jump in goofy manners but are extremely original and detailed. Satelight might have outdone themselves with SAKUGAN and we can only fathom how impressive later episodes will be.

SAKUGAN Official Trailer

A Heartwarming Adventure Awaits

Memenpu might be a child but her level of intelligence proves she’s not your run-of-the-mill kid. As stated by her dear old dad, Memempu has already graduated college and created tools that took most researchers years to understand. However, Memempu is still just a child and as her father, Gagumber can’t put his little girl in danger even if she exhibits high-level intelligence and curiosity. We already know, though, that the adventure of SAKUGAN will happen and from the way this parent-daughter combo work, the adventure they will soon embark on will be one of legends.

Kaiju, Mech-Action, and Jaw-Dropping Events!?

From our description of SAKUGAN so far you might think this is just a comedic adventure of a father and daughter in a troubled colony. However, SAKUGAN surprises near the end of episode one by delivering a giant kaiju-like monster and mecha action! SAKUGAN could possibly have some high-tier mecha battles in later episodes and that excites us quite a bit here at Honey’s Anime! Plus, that ending minute…we won’t spoil it but be prepared to be left with your mouth agape!

Final Thoughts

Rarely does a first episode blow us away like this but SAKUGAN has done something noteworthy. Episode one felt like a mini-movie filled with drama, comedy, and adventure and that was again just episode 1! The future seems bright with SAKUGAN and you can bet we will be reviewing the series as it airs! Are you folks excited for SAKUGAN!? Let us know in the comments below!

Don't forget the first episode of SAKUGAN will premiere worldwide at Virtual Crunchyroll Expo this Thursday, August 5 at 12:45 PM PT before the series airs on Crunchyroll this October! For coverage of SAKUGAN and other anime series be sure to keep stuck to our adventurous hive here at Honey’s Anime!

Sakugan_16x9_Twitter-Post-700x394 SAKUGAN Episode 1 Review – Already Hooked On This Father-Daughter Sci-Fi Adventure!


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Sakugan_16x9_Twitter-Post-700x394 SAKUGAN Episode 1 Review – Already Hooked On This Father-Daughter Sci-Fi Adventure!

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