Sakugan First Impressions - A Father-Daughter Duo’s Comedic Sci-Fi Journey!

Not too long ago us busy bees at Honey’s Anime were given the opportunity to watch the first episode of Sakugan thanks to Crunchyroll and we were all too ready for the series to continue in the fall of 2021. Now after three episodes, we can honestly say our initial impressions of Sakugan were right on the nose as this series is nothing but spectacular. Still, we don’t doubt you readers wish to know why you should care at all about Sakugan and what makes it so incredible. That’s why we bring you our first impressions of Sakugan to entice our fellow otaku into watching this mecha comedy alongside us and enjoy what studio Satelight has delivered to us anime fans!

Their Dynamic Is Pure Gold

Sakugan-Wallpaper-700x496 Sakugan First Impressions - A Father-Daughter Duo’s Comedic Sci-Fi Journey!

Sakugan focuses on the father and daughter combo—Memempu and Gagumber—who live on an asteroid-like colony overrun with problematic kaiju. We originally fell in love with these two in the first episode and by episode three their dynamic continues to be comedic and heartwarming. Memempu and Gagumber are two anime characters that truly work perfectly together.

Due to their vast differences—Gagumber being laid back while his daughter is ambitious, smart and sarcastic—their relationship is almost like two best friends who also get annoyed by each other’s presence. Yet, as goofy as this duo is, their attitudes help propel the story in Sakuganins clever ways. How they approach combat—like their battle with the new breed of kaiju—works as Gagumber has mecha piloting talents and his little girl is quick on her feet. These two will no doubt suffer and grow as the series progresses but that is what will make Sakugan stand out in the sea of sci-fi mecha out there.

Quick Paced Mecha/Kaiju Action

Despite the comedy built into the two main protagonists, Sakugan is first and foremost a sci-fi mecha anime and that means giant robots and even bigger monsters. Big Tony and the various other mechs we’ve seen in the show are sure to be upgraded and enhanced as Sakugan’s story continues! The kaiju threat will no doubt push these adventures and we can’t wait for more fights that utilize the already incredible animation studio Satelite is delivering!

A Marker’s Adventure

Titled Markers, Gagumber and Memempu are set to search for lost memories and a world that is fraught with excitement and danger. This mystifying world reminds us a bit of the landscape seen in series like Made in Abyss and that surely means the journey ahead for our father and daughter will be what makes Sakugan worth watching!

Will 12 Episodes Be Enough?

Sakugan is set to be a 12-episode series and we have to wonder, will that be enough to tell this story? The world of Memempu and Gagumber—their names are really weird the more we say them—seems vast and filled with tons to explore! As episode 3 showed, Markers before these two have tried to map this big planet-like entity but have certainly met their challenges/deaths along the way. With only 12 episodes, will Sakugan speed through the journey or leave on a possible cliffhanger? Only time will tell but that is probably our only real concern with this show.

Final Thoughts

Sakugan will no doubt be the talk of the fall 2021 season for those willing to enter this strange world. We will be there for the ride alongside Gagumber and Memempu but will you be joining us? Let us know in the comments below what you’re feeling about Sakugan and if you love—or hate—this mecha series. For even more coverage of other fall 2021 anime keep stuck to our comedy enjoying hive here at Honey’s Anime!

Sakugan-Wallpaper-700x496 Sakugan First Impressions - A Father-Daughter Duo’s Comedic Sci-Fi Journey!


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Sakugan-Wallpaper-700x496 Sakugan First Impressions - A Father-Daughter Duo’s Comedic Sci-Fi Journey!

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