Samurai 8: Hachimaru Den (Samurai 8: The Tale of Hachimaru) Chapter 35 Manga Review - “Endless Possibilities”

“Endless Possibilities”
  • Mangaka : Kishimoto, Massashi
  • Publisher : Shonen Jump
  • Genre : Action, Samurai, Sci-Fi, Shounen
  • Published : January 26, 2020

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

Samurai 8: Hachimaru Den chapter 35 is probably the most dialogue-heavy chapter we’ve seen from the series to date but it worked quite well. Fudo Myo-O tells our samurai that being the creator of the galaxy—kind of, as you will realize—allowed him to enter the program where Hachimaru and Daruma are residing in. Hachimaru, knowing that this god-like being has answers he might seek wastes no time in asking the first big one, what is Ata’s Master after?

We learn that Kala—Ata’s master—is trying to destroy the entire galaxy and restart it but in the way he feels it would be best. After this straightforward answer, Hachimaru and Daruma only begin to get open-ended answers to their various questions. We do learn that Pandora’s Box and Mandala’s Box won’t just appear when someone has the means to open them but need to be “willed” into existence. Inside the boxes contains Fudo Myo-O’s power and that would indeed allow the world to be either obliterated or re-created.

Fudo Myo-O does give Hachimaru one important parting lesson before the chapter ends—and the download of the license completes—that within our young samurai lie infinite possibilities of what he can do and can learn. While chapter 35 of Samurai 8: Hachimaru Den didn’t have any cool action, it served a truly important purpose. Hachimaru is capable of great things and we gained some much-needed information on the boxes and why they need to be claimed by the right people! Here are some reasons though that you still need to read this info heavy chapter for yourself!

Why You Should Read Samurai 8: Hachimaru Den (Samurai 8: The Tale of Hachimaru) Chapter 35

1. Creator and Not-Creator Fudo Myo-O

We have had some creative characters in Samurai 8: Hachimaru Den but Fudo Myo-O has to be the most intriguing. Acting as the creator/not-creator of the universe, it can almost be wondered if this powerful being is just hiding his might. Needless to say, Fudo Myo-O seems to be an ally for now but, will that stay the same when his boxes are discovered?

2. Limitless Potential

Hachimaru probably got the biggest boost of confidence since this series began. When our titular hero asked the semi-god Fudo Myo-O if he had a chance to really understand what powers laid within the boxes the being spoke in a truly empowering way. Hachimaru shouldn’t doubt himself any longer with such a high level of praise thrown his way!

Final Thoughts

Samurai 8: Hachimaru Den 35 didn’t have any sword fights or epic space battles but this dialogue-heavy chapter was eye-grabbing from start to finish! Now that Hachimaru has access to the Kongo-Yasha Style License what will he be able to accomplish further? We have no idea, to be honest, but we’re sure Samurai 8: Hachimaru Den will let us know sooner rather than later! What did you love about this amazing chapter? Feel free to let us know and stick around our hive for even more chapter reviews done by us busy bees here at Honey’s Anime!

Samurai-8-Hachimaru-Den-35-Wallpaper-416x500 Samurai 8: Hachimaru Den (Samurai 8: The Tale of Hachimaru) Chapter 35 Manga Review - “Endless Possibilities”


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