Seis Manos Review – The Darkest Kung Fu Tale You Will Ever See!

The Darkest Kung Fu Tale You Will Ever See!

  • Episodes : 8
  • Genre : Action, Martial Arts, Supernatural
  • Airing Date : October 2019
  • Producers : Powerhouse Animation

Contains Spoilers

Seis Manos Introduction and Story

Isabella, Jesus, and Silencio live peacefully with their master Sifu, who treats them like his own children and trains them in the art of kung fu. Their nearby town of San Simon is relatively quiet and peaceful, but when a mysterious man attacks one day, the place will never be the same! Isabella, Jesus, and Silencio set out to find the person who set this monster loose in San Simon and subsequently killed Sifu. Joining up with local policewoman Garcia and Joint Task Force member Brister, the trio fights against the otherworldly strength of El Balde. Unfortunately, El Balde is not the only enemy who lurks nearby, as Sifu’s long-lost brother Lo also shows his true colors!

The story of these three orphans and their struggle is an emotional one, and we were surprised by how attached we were to the trio by the end. Seis Manos is mainly focused on the action and combat between characters, yet it manages to tell a great story along with these elements! The villains are compelling as well, though Isabella, Silencio, and Jesus easily stand out as the most relatable for viewers. Combined with the excellent animation work of Powerhouse Animation, Seis Manos is a short bingeable series well worth your time.

Why You Should Watch Seis Manos

1. It Features Important Cultural Representation

Seis Manos is a unique blend of different characters and their cultures. Most of the characters involved are from the fictional town of San Simon, representing Latin American culture with their language, architecture, and most every little element of their daily lives. The show also focuses on other minorities, specifically with the duality of the partnership between Brister and Garcia. Of course, it includes elements from Asian culture as well, with kung fu being the strongest presence in the show. Even with all these elements combined, Seis Manos maintains a unique feeling all to itself.

2. The Story Focuses on Action Without Losing Plot

Despite the heavy focus on kung fu throughout the series, Seis Manos maintains an interesting story with the inclusion of its compelling characters and supernatural elements. The action sequences themselves are incredibly detailed, maintaining the feeling of older kung fu cinema. This series boasts one of the darkest plots we have ever seen in a kung fu movie, but none of the elements overpower each other at any point. And with such an emotional plot, even viewers who are not fans of kung fu will find themselves drawn in!

3. The Animation is Brilliant

Seis Manos pays homage to old kung fu films, and it definitely shows! The animation is fluid and detailed in the fight scenes, showcasing each movement the characters make and some unexpectedly gory violence. The background has that classic “older film” feeling, often leaving spots and tearing on the screen, but not enough to distract from the show itself. Powerhouse Animation definitely showcased their skill in Seis Manos, and we loved every minute of it!

Why You Should Skip Seis Manos

1. It Can Be a Little Predictable

While the story of Seis Manos has its twists and turns, it can also be predictable at times. The series does follow a few tropes of action animation, especially when it comes to the martial arts. However, this seems to be more from the series’ focus on classic older kung fu films, and Seis Manos does have plenty of surprises that keep you interested.

2. The Main Characters Survive Everything but Their Enemies Don’t

Though Isabella, Jesus, Silencio, Garcia, and Brister get attacked many times in the course of the series, their potentially life-threatening injuries never end up being that dangerous for them. Brister gets shot a few times, but only ends up with his arm in a sling. Garcia is stabbed through the stomach and left alone for an undetermined amount of time, but she too heals fairly quickly. The contrast between their resilience and that of their enemies is staggering, as a few quick swipes from one of the martial artists is usually enough to put the bad guys down. It just seems a bit unrealistic for an anime that has stayed true to a lot of other cultural elements.

3. It is Over Too Soon!

Perhaps our biggest complaint with Seis Manos is just that we couldn’t get enough of it! The eight episodes of the series flew by, and with the final episode ending in even more mystery and separation for Isabella, Jesus, and Silencio, we only wish there was more to watch.

Final Thoughts

Seis Manos is a cohesive love letter to old kung fu films with a great story and relatable characters to back it up. Though it suffers from some classic tropes in the genre, the precise animation and dark, emotional storyline more than make up for any predictability it holds. We can’t wait for more!

Are you watching Seis Manos? Let us know what you think of this kung fu production in the comments section below!

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