Shoujotachi wa Koya wo Mezasu - Anime Winter 2016

Shoujo-tachi-wa-Kouya-wo-Mezasu-dvd-1-300x426 Shoujotachi wa Koya wo Mezasu - Anime Winter 2016

Shoujo-tachi-wa-Kouya-wo-Mezasu-dvd-1-300x426 Shoujotachi wa Koya wo Mezasu - Anime Winter 2016

Shoujotachi wa Koya wo Mezasu


School, Slice of Life

Airing Date:
January 7, 2016

Project No. 9


A boy living in Kanagawa Prefecture, Kanazawa's 100 famous views area has a problem. Buntarou is a young boy at school but he has no dream whatsoever.

The worst part is that he can't even seem to find something that he wants to do. He was beginning to become wrapped in his impatience, when one of his mysterious female classmates asks him to help make a game with other classmates. This proposal gave Buntarou the chance to maybe actually accomplish something for the first time in his life! Not only that, but he as a human being gets to take a step forward.
Now he moves foward... For the purpose of Koya... Together with his classmates...

Characters & Voice Actors List

Buntaro Hojo

Voice Actor: Seiichirou Yamashita

Buntarou is the main character of this series. While he is a student at the academy, he also has experience working at part time jobs due to his friend’s help. He is writing a script for a play, but to be honest he has no real idea of where it is going and it’s starting to stress him out. He is honest and while he is quite intelligent, he’s stuck. He wants, however, to break past it.

Sayuki Kuroda

Voice Actor: Haruka Chisuga

Sayuki is not one to draw near to others and she is the clever and beautiful classmate of Buntarou. She puts on a mysterious front, but in reality, due to her family’s influence, she is really into games, manga, and anime. She works with the planning and production of the game Logic which is based on the game from the offer.

Yuka Kobayakawa

Voice Actor: Kana Hanazawa

Yuka is a childhood friend of Atomu and Buntarou. Ever since they were children, she has had a dream to become an actress. However, it's just something fun to say. She has decided to live a normal existence. She does think that her friends and arents all deny her ability to become famous. Currently, she is in the process of understanding and accepting her surroundings by being in the drama club. She is emotionally attached to Buntarou. Yuka is quite cheerful.

Atomu Kai

Voice Actor: Toshiyuki Toyonaga

Atomu is Buntarou's best friend. He is shy but he can become familiar with others. Once that happens, he speaks very quickly. Much like Buntarou, he is also wrapped in uncertainty, but he sees Buntarou become fired up about working on the game and it seems interesting, so he gives it a shot as well. He had a girlfriend in the past, but she told him that being nice was not enough. He's quite pitiful. Due to this, he still has some emotional trauma.

Uguisu Yuki

Voice Actor: Satomi Satou

Uguisu is a first year student at the academy. She has loved to write since she was a small child. She also submits her own original illustrations from time to time, but she's really bad at receiving criticism. She usually listens to what others tell her to do, but she does it to the point where she is asked if she has her own will. However, she is only stubborn when it comes to her illustrations.

Teruha Ando

Voice Actor: Satomi Akesaka

Teruha is a second year student at the academy. She tends to take things to the extreme from time to time, however, she is honest and upfront. She has been surrounded by computers since she was a child, so she is good at tinkering with them. She supports buying good things to support them and the artists.
However, this means she is constantly broke, so she works at a maid cafe in Tokyo to support her habit. Her parents are fishermen for the 100 Sights of Kanazawa. Due to different personalities, Teruha does not get along with Sayuki and Sayuki does not get along with her.

Promotional Videos / PV

Other Title少女たちは荒野を目指す ~Girls Beyond the Youth Koya~, Girls Beyond the Wasteland
Airing Info

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Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Wastelanders by Sayaka Sasaki
  • Ending Song: Sekai wa Kyou mo Atarashii by Haruka Chisuga, Kana Hanazawa, Satomi Akesaka, & Satomi Satou
Visual Novel

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Takahiro, Romeo Tanaka
  • Director: Takuya Sato
  • Series Composition: Yuniko Ayana
  • Character Design: Takayuki Noguchi
  • Original Illustrator: Matsuryu

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