Show by Rock!! 2nd Season - Anime Fall 2016

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show-by-rock-2nd-season-dvd-300x424 Show by Rock!! 2nd Season - Anime Fall 2016

show-by-rock-2nd-season-dvd-300x424 Show by Rock!! 2nd Season - Anime Fall 2016

Show by Rock!! 2nd Season

Comedy, Music

Airing Date:
October 2 2016

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Honey’s Highlights

show-by-rock-2nd-season-dvd-300x424 Show by Rock!! 2nd Season - Anime Fall 2016
Awesome!!! A second season for fall 2016! I’m so happy that Cyan, Retoree, Moa, and Chuchu are all coming back again!
show-by-rock-2nd-season-dvd-300x424 Show by Rock!! 2nd Season - Anime Fall 2016
I am pretty sure that all of their songs are dedicated to me. I really hate waiting though so please give me some other shows that I can enjoy.
show-by-rock-2nd-season-dvd-300x424 Show by Rock!! 2nd Season - Anime Fall 2016
Well you could always just watch the PV/trailers below since there are so many.
show-by-rock-2nd-season-dvd-300x424 Show by Rock!! 2nd Season - Anime Fall 2016
I see… there are a lot though?!
show-by-rock-2nd-season-dvd-300x424 Show by Rock!! 2nd Season - Anime Fall 2016
yeah! Good alternatives would be gems like Rolling Girls, Bakumatsu Rock, K-On or even an old show like Beck!

Promotional Videos / PV


The 2nd season of Show By Rock!!

While playing the Show By Rock!! music game as she normally does, a slightly introverted average high school girl is suddenly presented with a mysterious item and pulled into the world of the game.

Without knowing anything about this new world, she makes her musical debut as Cyan of the girlband Plasmagica! Although she feels lost, through music, Cyan starts to grow as a person. But what is the real reason for her being dragged into the game’s world...?

Three Episode Impression

How is there a second season if Cyan’s gone home? Was the question on the minds of many Show by Rock!! fans - but it seems that instead of choosing a more interesting route, they decided to send her back to Midi City the same way as last time. In fact, it seems we’ll be seeing the same pattern as the first season, as Dagger Morse isn’t fully defeated and planning a comeback. Not that this repetition is necessarily a bad thing for fans of the first season - we get to see more great Shingan Crimsonz comedy moments, more moe from Plasmagica, and we get to hear more awesome music. Plus, the characters are still developing, and there’s a new (super adorable) enemy band on the horizon, so overall, we’re looking forward to what this Show by Rock!! sequel will bring.

Characters & Voice Actors List


Voice Actor: Eri Inagawa

Unit: Plasmagica
Birthday: May 24
Likes: Guitars, strawberries, gothic-lolita, bands
Dislikes: The dark
The protagonist. Vocals and guitar. Her guitar is the heart-shaped ‘Strawberry Heart’ and is rumoured to be a legendary famous instrument.


Voice Actor: Sumire Uesaka

Unit: Plasmagica
Birthday: June 18
Likes: Passion, working hard, winning
Dislikes: Good luck charms, divination, relying on others
Vocals and guitar. A reliable honor student who acts as the leader for the band.


Voice Actor: Manami Numakura

Unit: Plasmagica
Birthday: November 7
Likes: The internet, games, online shopping, Cyan
Dislikes: People who lead fulfilling lives, shop assistants
Vocals and bass. Likes to act cold, but in fact gets embarrassed easily.


Voice Actor: Ayane Sakura

Unit: Plasmagica
Birthday: August 7
Likes: Rare foods, rare items, rare animals, rare anything
Dislikes: Invaders from outer space
Vocals and drums. Apparently she came from space. Says ‘pyuru~’ a lot.


Voice Actor: Kishou Taniyama

Unit: Shingan Crimsonz
Birthday: September 6
Likes: Milk, livestock
Dislikes: The cold
Vocals and guitar. Unafraid of anything, he believes he is the coolest and most popular person in the world. His vocals are unrefined, but they have the power to make listeners shiver. His family home is a dairy farm. He loves milk.


Voice Actor: Kouki Uchiyama

Unit: Shingan Crimsonz
Birthday: February 10
Likes: Black, darkness, gods
Dislikes: Going outside
Guitarist. He acts kind of suspiciously, and he can’t speak well if he doesn’t strike a pose, but he’s really hot. Apparently, he mesmerises female fans with his genius guitar technique.


Voice Actor: Tetsuya Kakihara

Unit: Shingan Crimsonz
Birthday: August 18
Likes: Ryuukenden (his bass guitar), the word ‘hence’
Dislikes: High-collar things
Bassist. Respects the spirit of rock and the samurai code of chivalry. Is a master of the bass technique which he acquired from self-titled Ryuuko Musou Kamuiryuu.


Voice Actor: Yoshimasa Hosoya

Unit: Shingan Crimsonz
Birthday: June 6
Likes: Concerts, bands
Dislikes: Popular things, betrayal
Drums. The passionate leader of the band who tends to use his fists more than his mouth. Juggles both band activities and a job in a company.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Heart wo Rock!! by Plasmagica
  • Ending Song: My Song is YOU!! by Plasmagica

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Sanrio
  • Director: Takahiro Ikezoe
  • Script: Touko Machida
  • Series Composition: Touko Machida
  • Character Design: Masaru Ooshiro
  • Sound Director: Masafumi Mima
  • Music: Yasuharu Takanashi, Funta7, Rega Sound

For more information: Official Website

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