Tenrou: Sirius the Jaeger Drops Mid-Season New Key Visual!

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Tenrou: Sirius the Jaeger

Action, Fantasy, Thriller

Airing Date:
July 12 2018

P.A. Works

Honey’s Highlights

honey-happy2 Tenrou: Sirius the Jaeger Drops Mid-Season New Key Visual!
So... Bungou Stray Dogs but with instruments, werewolves, and vampires? I kinda like the sound of that.
honey-happy2 Tenrou: Sirius the Jaeger Drops Mid-Season New Key Visual!
P.A. Works could be going for another horror anime with Sirius. Just with more action than Another.
honey-happy2 Tenrou: Sirius the Jaeger Drops Mid-Season New Key Visual!
Speaking of P.A. Works, could this end up being dramatic like Charlotte? I don't know how I feel about getting my heart stomped on again by a series. The PVs/trailers do look good though.
honey-happy2 Tenrou: Sirius the Jaeger Drops Mid-Season New Key Visual!
I get a very small Vatican Kiseki Chousakan vibe too. I'm expecting a lot from this!

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The Imperial Capital, 1930.

A strange group of people carrying musical instrument cases landed on Tokyo Station. They are called the ‘Jaegers’, and they are people who have come to hunt vampires. Amongst them, there stands a young man with striking serenity and an unusual aura. His name is Yuliy, and he is a werewolf whose home villages was destroyed by vampires. Yuliy and the Jaegers engage in a deadly battle over a mysterious holy arc only known as ‘The Arc of Sirius’. What truth awaits them at the end. With eternal affinity and the spirals of conspiracy entwined, this highly anticipated action-thriller anime begins!

Three Episode Impression

Sirius the Jeager is about Jeagers, human-like beings with supernatural powers that hunt vampires. After a string of incidents happen, the Jeagers get their hands on a trail and follow the vampires all the way to Japan where the Jeagers can blend in themselves into everyday society while hunting. That’s really all that has happened in the first three episodes as they investigate as the series is just giving us information without connecting it yet. However, the story is good. Episode three reveals that Yuliy is some sport of special being, most likely some form of werewolf and human hybrid, and that is what allows the Jeagers to hunt the vampires. The art is exceptionally well done and is definitely in the running for the most visually-pleasing anime of this season. Sirius is similar to Bungou Stray Dogs, but better because there is no blatant BL thrown in your face. We definitely want to see where the story is going to continue to go and are looking forward to more. P.A. Works chose a good title with this one and we are expecting a lot from it.

Characters & Voice Actors List


Voice Actor: Yuuto Uemura

17 years old. He is half-werewolf, with exceptional physical abilities. He has sworn to take revenge on vampires who destroyed his homeland and has become a ‘Jaeger’ since then. As he is used to solitude, his aura makes him unapproachable. However, he also shows his softer side in rare occasions. His weapon is a Three-section staff. He fights using combat techniques which have been adapted to fit this multi-shape changing weapon.


Voice Actor: Sakurai Takahiro

A vampire highly favored by Yevgraf.


Voice Actor: Kenyuu Horiuchi

41 years old. He goes by the name of ‘Professor’. He is an ex-archaeologist and a ‘Jaeger’ but also known for his role as part-time advisor at V shipping's historic preservation department. He is the leader of Yuliy’s team and carries out orders from V shipping company in many countries. His gaze towards Yuliy is filled with sorrow from time to time.


Voice Actor: Nanako Mori

27 years old. Dorthea is a hispanic beauty who is a ‘Jaeger’ and Willard’s right hand. She keeps her cool-headedness and can adapt to any situations. Not only is she beautiful, but she is also charming as well. Her main weapons are firearms including guns. She specializes in gunpowder and uses different types of weapons suited for each circumstance.


Voice Actor: Yuusuke Kobayashi

14 years old. A British-born member of the ‘Jaeger.’ He is the youngest in Willard’s team but his skills as a Jaeger is exceptional. He enjoys banter, but is also cynical at times especially towards Yuliy, who keeps to himself. ‘Jaegers’ tend to carry their weapons in musical instrument cases, but Philip also carries around violin and likes to play it occasionally.


Voice Actor: Shunsuke Takeuchi

Fallon is 26 years old and a ‘Jaeger’. He’s a muscular Irish-American guy, who is tough both physically and mentally. He’s laid back and looks out for Yuliy with older brother like attitude. However, he is too talkative for a ‘Jaeger’. His preferred fighting style is close-range combat meaning that he is also an expert in setting up traps for vampires.

Hideomi Iba

Voice Actor: Junji Majima

Hideomi is 29 years old. He is a secret agent of Military Affairs Bureau in the Ministry of the Army and belongs to one of the most important office known as ‘Kudan Satellite Office’. When rumor spread that the Ministry of Home Affairs had a connection with a foreign organization, he was called back from the Harbin Military Secret Service to investigate. His team set their eyes on V shipping company and Alma Trading Company and decided to look in.

Ryouko Naoe

Voice Actor: Rie Takahashi

She is the only daughter of the family whom Willard’s team stays with while they are in Japan. She excels at both sports and her studies and practices kendo constantly. She is brimming with curiosity and fascinated with Willard’s team. She is especially interested in Yuliy, but she has a different kind of feelings for him.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Sirius by Kisida Kyodan & The Akebosi Rockets
  • Ending Song: Hoshie by sajou no hana

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Project SIRUS
  • Director: Asahiro Andou
  • Series Composition: Keigo Koyanagi
  • Character Design: Mai Matsuura, Souichirou Sako
  • Animation Director: Mai Matsuura, Souichirou Sako
  • Sound Director: Jin Aketagawa
  • Original Illustrator: Kinu Nishimura
  • Music: Masaru Yokoyama

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