Top 10 Most Dangerous Characters in Tenrou: Sirius the Jaeger

There are three monsters that are classic and keep appearing in fiction because everyone tries, and sometimes succeeds, in giving them a new twist: Zombies, Vampires, and Werewolves. And while there are no zombies in Tenrou: Sirius the Jaeger, we have enough vampires and some werewolf lore to keep with the long tradition of new twists in an old tale.

When your main focus is the war between humans and vampires, with some werewolf clans stuck in between, all your characters must prove that they can survive the battle even if they have no powers. This means, of course, that many of the series’ main characters and villains are incredibly dangerous. But, which ones are the most dangerous of them all? That’s what this list will answer.


10. Phillip

At first glance, no one would believe Phillip is dangerous. After all, he is only 14 years old, very thin, blonde and blue-eyed; and despite being part of the Jaeger team, he acts his age most of the time. He' a surly teenager with a very good reason for his attitude: a crazed Sirius killed his parents right in front of him and then he got drafted into a team with another Sirius. Fortunately, his age doesn't make him stupid. He hates Sirius in general, but at the same time understands that not all of them are responsible for his parents' murder.

What makes Phillip really dangerous is his ability with guns. He carries a whole arsenal in his violin case—which, on occasion, may even include a violin to maintain the team’s cover, and has an amazing aim. He's a gunslinger who will only become more dangerous as he grows older if he manages to survive into adulthood. For now, due to his youth, he remains as the tenth most dangerous character of the cast.

9. Klarwein

Mad Scientists are always dangerous, even if they aren't physically imposing. They're smart, cunning, and have a complete lack of empathy or common sense, which means that they are completely willing to destroy their laboratory in the name of Science. Klarwein fits this description perfectly; he not only looks like he has survived more than one laboratory explosion, as his face's skin seems to have been ripped off, he is missing one eye and has no nose, but he doesn't care. All he cares about is showing of the genius of his creations.

Klarwein doesn’t really participate in many battles personally. Instead, he sends his “Sweethearts”, horrible Frankenstein-like amalgamations of different bodies, to do his dirty work. What makes him even more dangerous than a normal mad scientist is that he is working for the vampires without being one just for the joy of making weapons for them and for the chance to see how those terrible weapons destroy everyone in their path. And just for that he more than earns the ninth place on our list.

8. Agatha

The Femme fatale can be a very interesting character. Some people may think she's overplayed, and the moment a very sexy woman approaches the main character we can expect her to try to kill him, but a good team of writers can still make her an interesting person. This is where Agatha comes in. Elegant, graceful, and beautiful, she seems to be a noblewoman who doesn't involve herself in the war. But the truth is that she is a hardened fighter who loves to play with her prey.

Between her love for torture, her huge retractable claws that come out when she decides to get serious, and her ferocity, she quickly climbed the ranks on the vampire side. By the time the Jaeger team gets to Tokyo, she's Kershner's, right-hand woman. During her first fight with Yuliy, she realized that he was much better than her previous prey and lost an arm and a leg during the fight. Still, in their next confrontation, she proved that she was still dangerous enough to deserve the eighth place on our list.

7. Fallon

At first sight, it's easy to think Fallon is the "tank" of the Jaeger team. After all, he's a burly red-haired Irishman who seems to find joy in making his more serious teammates lose their patience—in particular, he enjoys poking Philip to make him angry but also looks after him as a younger brother. Because of his size, he's usually fighting vampires hands-on, but the truth is that his specialty is not hand-to-hand combat, but setting traps.

This is what makes Fallon so dangerous: It is easy to underestimate him. Because he’s laidback, friendly and Irish, people fall for the usual stereotype of his people and think he’s nothing more than dumb muscle. The truth is that he won’t fight unless it’s against vampires and will always think three steps ahead. After all, he’s only human and fighting against supernatural creatures so it’s important to have an ace under his sleeve. And it’s precisely because he’s underestimated that he’s earned the seventh place on our list.

6. Larissa and Tamara

It's impossible to separate Larissa and Tamara. These creepy twins work for Yevgraf and do everything together; even when speaking, they do it in tandem. They both appear as young girls with very pale skin and so it’s easy to believe that they won't be that hard to beat. Of course, that's the wrong assessment to make. Tamara wears her hair in ponytails, while Larissa wears hers down. Both of them love to fight and live to serve Yevgraf, although at times they seem as if they only follow him because they like the mayhem and don’t have much empathy for other vampires.

Unlike other vampires, they manage to survive many encounters with the Jaeger team and keep escaping to fight a new day. The only person they fear is Yevgraf himself, as they enjoy teasing and bothering Mikhail, whom they call Misha to his chagrin. While they can be beaten—and if taken by surprise, neutralized—they can still cause enough damage to earn the sixth place on our list.

5. Kershner

Another Vampire noble, Kershner creates fear with his presence alone. He's tall, wide, and exudes strength whenever he walks into a room. He's both Yevgraf’s second in command and the President of the Alma Trading Company. This last position is his cover to travel to Japan in order to search for the Arc of Sirius for Yevgraf’s use. As Yevgraf’s second in command, he orders every other vampire around except for the twins, who answer only to Yevgraf.

Despite the fact that he can delegate fighting to his underlings, he is a force to be reckoned with. He usually fights with a rapier and sees humans like animals barely worth his attention. Ironically, this is what made him lose points for our ranking, because despite his ability with the rapier and his inhuman strength, he gets too overconfident when fighting the Jaegers, so he only reaches the fifth place on our list.

4. Dorothea

Dorothea is the Jaegers’ second in command and the only woman in the group. She’s very calm and manages to keep her cool no matter how dire the situation looks. This is in part because as Willard’s right hand, she is in charge of planning many of the missions and thus must be able to make changes to the plans according to the situation. Although she’s often called a gunslinger due to her use of guns, her actual talent lies in knowing how gunpowder works. This allows her to use a number of different weapons, from guns to bombs making her incredibly dangerous.

Because she’s also the only Hispanic member of the team, she stands out a bit too, and she makes this an advantage by drawing looks in her direction with a very sexy and revealing outfit. This makes some vampires dismiss her as nothing more than arm candy, which she then turns against them. Just like Agatha, Dorothea proves that women can be as dangerous as men and so earns the fourth place on our list.

3. Mikhail Jirov

Mikhail is Yuliy's older brother and for a long time, Yuliy believed that Mikhail had died while saving him from the vampire attack in their village that ended up with everyone in the Sirius' clan dead except for Yuliy himself. But the truth was that Mikhail suffered a fate worse than death: He was turned into a vampire, which effectively enslaved him, as he has to obey Yevgraf’s orders without question.

As a vampire, Mikhail is extremely strong and a talented fencer. His weapons of choice are two daggers, but he is also quite deadly with guns. Given that he was turned into a vampire by force, Mikhail hates Yevgraf and wouldn't mind if someone killed his sire. While he can't disobey the other vampire directly, he retains enough willpower to make sure he doesn't hurt his little brother. The fact that he could still resist those orders makes him a dangerous wild card and of course, makes him the winner of the third place on our list.

2. Yuliy Jirov

Yuliy Jirov is the only Sirius that currently serves under Williard's Jaeger unit. This is because Williard rescued him after vampires destroyed his village in the search for the Ark of Sirius. From that moment on, Yuliy swore to kill all vampires in revenge, which is why he became a Jaeger. As a werewolf, he is stronger than a human, but he can't transform completely into a wolf because the Sirius' blood is diluted due to heavy intermixing with humans in the past. The lack of transformation doesn't make Yuliy less lethal, at times of great anger, his beast blood activates, making him even stronger but also harder to control.

His weapon of choice is a three-section staff that can be divided into different shapes. Because he created it, he also had to teach himself how to use it and create a completely new fighting style. This also had the extra advantage that since no one else knows the style he uses, it’s very hard to predict his next move in a fight. This is why he is the most dangerous member of the Jaeger team and earns him the second place on our list.

1. Yevgraf

Yevgraf is the Prince of the Vampire Clan and as such, the antagonist of the story.
He is cold, distant and cruel, ready to murder everyone that impedes his search for the Ark of Sirius, even massacring children in order to get the information he needs. He avoids a direct confrontation with the Jaegers as much as he can, but he is not above torturing them psychologically when he can, like when he sent Mikhail to kill Yuliy. As a leader, he seems to care for his subordinates— after all, he started looking for the Ark in order to cure the vampires' illness—but when they anger him, he is not merciful.

What makes Yevgraf the most dangerous vampire are his age with the experience that it gives him and his powers as a noble. Besides the abnormal vampire strength and the ability to turn others into vampires, Yevgraf can remotely control those he has transformed, using their bodies like puppets. Not only that, but he can also attract other vampires towards himself. All of this added to his intelligence and cunning, Yevgraf is definitely the most dangerous character in Tenrou Sirius the Jaeger.

Final Thoughts

One of the best parts of an action story is the way in which writers can subvert our expectations regarding which characters can be most dangerous to the protagonist, and of course, exactly how dangerous said protagonist is before the first battle. Tenrou: Sirius the Jaeger plays with said expectations even more by changing the way in which each character can be dangerous to others, and even to themselves.

So tell us, do you agree with our list? Or do you think there were some characters more dangerous than the ones presented here? We want to know so please, give us your thoughts in the comments below.

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