[Slice of Life Fall 2016] Like Honey and Clover? Watch This!

What is it about Slice of Life shows that keeps drawing us back to them?

Is it the relatability of the storyline? The authenticity of the main cast? Or maybe it’s the simplicity of these shows? We cannot give you an answer to these questions, but one thing is for sure: Slice of Life shows have a unique charm which is hard to replicate and makes them popular with young and old. That’s exactly why we want to take the time and highlight some of our favorite Slice of Life shows today.

When it comes to Slice of Life, all-time favorite Honey and Clover needs to be named and that’s where we shall start today’s recommendations. We have found two anime from the current season which all fans of Honey and Clover should be able to enjoy. So lean back and relax while we go back in time to the release of Honey and Clover.

About Honey and Clover

  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: April 2005 - September 2005

For all of you who are not familiar with Honey and Clover, let us give you a quick overview. This show revolves around the lives of five college students who struggle coming to terms with one of the most challenging parts of their lives. Not only do they have to face academic struggles, but unreachable dreams, tight budgets and heartbreak are also part of their new lives. Together, they try to make the best out of their situation and face life with a smile on their faces. Honey and Clover is known as one of the most popular Slice of Life anime out there and we highly urge all of you who haven’t watched it yet to give it a try.

Liked Honey and Clover? Watch Fune wo Amu!

Imagine being a former salesman who struggles at expressing himself, but is suddenly recruited to develop a brand new dictionary. Doesn’t sound too enjoyable, does it? That’s exactly where the story of Fune wo Amu begins, with the salesman Mitsuya Majime and his new assignment. Expectations for this show were high after the release of a best-selling novel and popular movie, but Fune wo Amu seems to have found favor with the audience. It takes its viewers on an emotional ride together with the main cast. Fans of the written word should definitely give this new gem a try!

Three Major Similarities Between Honey and Clover and Fune wo Amu

1. Passion

Both Fune wo Amu and Honey and Clover are full of passion. We’re not talking about passion in context of romance, but passion for what you do in life.

Let us explain: In Honey and Clover, the main cast is still young and thus filled with passion and motivation (most of the time at least). Young Hagumi, for example, is an extremely talented artist and you can tell how much she loves drawing. In Fune wo Amu, you can see a kind of passion that you might not experience everyday: passion for words. The characters trying to create the best dictionary out there are just filled with love for their work and sometimes you can only wonder if there are actually people out there who are that passionate about definitions and descriptions.

2. Overcoming Obstacles

What is college other than a succession of obstacles that you need to overcome day after day? Honey and Clover throws one challenge after the other at their main cast, only to prove to the viewers that it’s possible to overcome each one of them. Every character has his or her own personal struggle and no matter how desperate the situation might feel at times, somehow they all manage to push through.

Fune wo Amu, too, isn’t short of obstacles. The biggest one might be the personality of the hero Mitsuya himself who lacks social skills, yet has to face a big challenge together with his coworkers. Just like in Honey and Clover, more problems start arising soon enough and you can see the main cast struggling to reach their ultimate goal.

3. Unique Personalities

Characters should be unique, regardless of the genre or style of anime, right?

Right, but we feel like Slice of Life shows in particular benefit from a unique and diverse cast since most action arises from the interaction between the different characters. Even though the main cast of Honey and Clover is more or less stuck in the same situation, you can still see the uniqueness of each character and how they face problems differently depending on their personalities. In Fune wo Amu, too, the differences between the characters are highlighted. Each member of the cast has something unique to bring to the table and by combining their strengths they are able to create something beautiful together.

Liked Honey and Clover? Watch Sangatsu no Lion!

The hero of this story is Rei Kiriyama, a student who has achieved a lot despite his young age. As a professional Shogi player, he tries to live on his own and face the struggles of everyday life by himself. What Rei doesn’t realize yet is that sometimes it’s okay to reach out to other people. That’s exactly where the three lovely Kawamoto sisters come in. Hinata, Akari and Momo treat the young guy like part of the family and it’s with their support that Rei is able to grow as a person.

Three Major Similarities Between Honey and Clover and Sangatsu no Lion

1. Personal Growth

College life is all about finding out who you are as a person and maturing into an adult. No wonder that Honey and Clover keeps coming back to the idea of personal growth. By making the main cast constantly face new obstacles, the anime shows how people can grow with each challenge and learn from bad experiences.

Sangatsu no Lion doesn’t have to hide itself either. The whole show revolves around Rei and his struggle to grow up. His change might be even more dramatic due to his young age, but one thing is clear: the Shogi player still has a lot to learn about life. You also get to see how Rei has to combine his past with his future while not letting go of who he is as a person. Both shows are inspiring in some way and show a clear maturation of the main cast.

2. Power of Friendship

So we have two main casts that struggle with personal growth. What’s the best way to overcome this obstacle? With the help of friends, of course!

Rei from Sangatsu no Lion comes from a troubled background and struggles at connecting with people. He’s used to doing things his way and solving problems by himself, but this might change over the course of the show. After all, he’s meeting new people, starts opening up and learns to trust others. Honey and Clover, too, is all about friendship. The main cast was thrown together by chance, but sooner or later the characters start to connect. Their relationship is not only dynamic, but also feels genuine and sucks you right into the storyline. Sangatsu no Lion and Honey and Clover will definitely show you the power of friendship.

3. Follow your Dreams

“Follow your dreams!” might be an overused piece of advice, but the cast of Sangatsu no Lion and Honey and Clover can show you how it’s done.

Admittedly, some or maybe even most characters in Honey and Clover still seem to be lost in life. There is an uncertainty between them when it comes to who they want to be and what they want to do with their lives. Yet, they all have some sort of dreams and goals that they chose to pursue. Talking about the dream of Rei is easier. Playing Shogi is his passion and one of the few things in life that give him stability. But that doesn’t mean it’s an easy dream to follow. Rei’s emotional struggle reflects in his gameplay and threatens his professional career. Still, the young guy isn’t ready to give up yet and somehow manages to motivate both himself and the audience.

Final Thoughts

All shows we have presented today are outstanding Slice of Life shows that will make you laugh, scream and cry with the main cast. Even if you’re not a big fan of this genre, we would still urge you to give today’s recommendations a try since they do a great job at depicting the struggles of everyday life. But enough about our opinion - now it’s your turn to speak! What do you think of today’s shows and what other similarities could you find? Let us know in the comment section below.
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