Spinoffs Wanted: Let’s Start with These!

Inuyasha just recently announced a spinoff story—that will be akin to a sequel—and it has us really wondering what series can have a spinoff in the current generation of anime. There are many anime/manga stories out there that have lore so grandiose that, despite the author’s best efforts, the series will always have some loose ends here and there. That’s why it’s not uncommon to see popular works have a spinoff that allows a new story to be told—usually through the eyes of a new protagonist—but still set in the main world you’ve come to know and love. Spinoff manga come out quite often—such as Sword Art Online Progressive—but anime is another story entirely. Not too often does anime see a spinoff series and that is truly a shame. That’s why we here at Honey’s Anime thought about it for quite a while and wondered…what anime deserve a spinoff series?

A Proper Vigilante Story Needs to be Animated

Fans of Boku no Hero Academia have no doubt heard of the spinoff manga called Vigilante: Boku no Hero Academia Illegals—better known as My Hero Academia: Vigilantes in English—and we think it needs a proper anime adaptation soon! Our spinoff story focuses on Kouichi Haimawari who isn’t like our main hero Deku but instead is a vigilante who saves the day despite his lackluster Quirk. My Hero Academia: Vigilante is a fun story that acts as a prequel to the proper series but one that dives into some characters only mentioned briefly. We no doubt think this series could do quite well and pray a spinoff anime comes out soon!

Akame ga Kill Spinoff Needed Now

Night Raid and the exploits of Tatsumi were only a small fraction of the dark world that is Akame ga Kill! As the series focuses on numerous characters, Akame ga Kill! has a larger story that is left untapped. Released in late 2013, Akame ga Kill! Zero released and was a prequel story discussing Akame before she joined Night Raid. This prequel story was truly amazing with some epic fights and plenty of cameos from Akame ga Kill! An anime would help fans learn more about some of their beloved characters, plus we’d get to see some more visceral battles only Akame ga Kill! can provide.

Where is Kamina’s Past

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann still stands today as one of the best anime ever created by the incredible studio Trigger. However, in all these years, we haven’t ever gotten a proper story for heroes like Kamina. Why couldn’t we have a spinoff to learn more about Kamina’s origin story as well as the world that is now ravished by beasts and aliens alike? It doesn’t need to be 20+ episodes but we’d love at least 12 just to have another go-around at admiring our favorite shirtless hero!

Come Back, Space Cowboys!

Spike Spiegel has long been a beloved space bounty hunter from the epic series Cowboy Bebop but many fans know his story was so much larger than the series could explore. Spike wasn’t always a member of the Bebop and while Cowboy Bebop explores his past through some well-timed flashbacks, we still don’t feel it was enough. Maybe a spinoff Cowboy Bebop story could be crafted that explores the past of Spike in more depth and/or the other members like Jet. We’d get more Cowboy Bebop and that—in our minds—is a win-win situation!

Final Thoughts

Anime studios have done a few dozen spinoff anime films and other smaller series but we feel it just isn’t enough! There are thousands of anime out there that could get a spinoff and we barely scratched the surface. What series do you think could have a spinoff anime and why? Comment below to let us know! Be sure to keep stuck to our amazing hive here at Honey’s Anime for even more articles and anime-related news!

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