Spring 2020 Anime Season: A Fujoshi Review

Now the Spring anime season is over, it’s time to take a look at what it left behind. Well… more like what it didn’t leave behind, right? Considering there weren't that many fujoshi-friendly shows, we thought it would be interesting to write a brief review nonetheless, so let's check how many anime and characters filled our craving for BL content.

Is This… BL?

It seems like there aren't many studios willing to adapt shounen-ai manga, let alone yaoi manga. Sure, we can understand that it’s a very risky decision, and it will never be as popular as mainstream anime, but we'd still love for an anime season to surprise us with some BL content. The thing is that even when we do get an anime adaptation for one of our beloved manga series, it’s just not enough; most of the time, the good stuff is not included. Of course, by “good stuff” we mean raunchy sex scenes.

To try and lure BL lovers, some studios have decided to design the promotional poster for the anime using two or more guys, relying on their looks to try and catch fujoshis’ attention. This is a cheap marketing trick that will work most of the times, because we’re always looking for some interesting stories with cute boys. At first glance, anime like Argonavis From BanG Dream! and Ahiru no Sora might seem like the type of stories that would have a bit of bromance in it, but that doesn’t mean it’s BL/yaoi. Actually, it’s a far cry from that… although it won’t stop a fujoshi from shipping the boys with one another.

Adapt, Watch, Start Shipping

Since BL lovers don’t really have many options, we just have to go with the flow. This anime season was no exception, unable to bring yaoi to the table but providing some interesting options when it comes to shipping characters. As it usually happens with sports anime, we had our fair share of episodes during spring, making it easier to quench our thirst for an all-male cast spending time together.

Beggars can’t be choosers, so we have to take what it’s being offered to us and find a way to turn it into something a little bit more… interesting. Needless to say, we won’t be seeing any characters doing naughty things at school or having fun under the sheets, but we’re already used to it. No one thinks about us these days!

Craving Some Gayness

As we said before, this spring season didn’t really give us much to work with. Of course, we could come up with a hundred different pairings and stories the moment we lay eyes on two boys acting too friendly, but that doesn’t mean it’s enough for a fujoshi. While A3! gave us some moments between the characters, it feels like it’s all for nothing if they’re not going to get down and dirty. Fruits Basket, another fujoshi-friendly show, plays a bit with the relationship between Hatori, Ayame, and Shigure. While Ayame is a bit extra and likes to tease Shigure in a very suggestive manner, and as much as that makes our minds come up with different scenarios, it always feels like there’s something missing. Why is nobody having sex?! Or at least touching each other, giving each other pleasure, or just kissing romantically...

Final Thoughts

As you can see, this Spring 2020 anime season didn’t leave much behind when it comes to BL content. Yes, we were able to build some interesting ships, but that’s just not enough. Sometimes a fujoshi needs more than cute faces or just a sports/idols anime with some bromance scenes here and there, don't you agree?

Maybe someday we’ll get what we deserve: a steamy anime season with lots of sexy moments between boys. Until then, we’re stuck building ships. Let's try again next season!

Fruits-Basket-wallpaper-1 Spring 2020 Anime Season: A Fujoshi Review

Author: Yaz L.

Hey, there! I'm a soon-to-be marine biologist who just happens to love video games, dream pop music, and BL/yaoi stuff. When I was a kid, I lived in Colombia for 3 years and now I'm a sucker for hot chocolate with cheese. My favorite treat while watching anime!

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