Cute Family Visual Revealed for "SPY×FAMILY"!


Action, Comedy

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WIT STUDIO, CloverWorks

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Everyone has a secret.

Nations all around the world wage a secret intelligence war. Two countries, Ostania and Westalis, have been in a cold war for over a decade.

A renowned spy, codename Twilight, serves WISE, Westalis’s intelligence bureau, and is assigned to investigate Donovan Desmond, leader of Ostania’s Unity Party, and a person of interest in the countries’ fight for peace.

This top-secret mission is “Operation Strix”. The directive: “Fabricate a family within a week, and enroll your children in Desmond’s sons’ school.”

But the “daughter” that Twilight has recruited is a mind-reader, his “wife”, an assassin! They join his family for their own motives, and live under the same roof, keeping their secrets hidden.

Is this family, with its eccentricities, capable of saving the world?

Characters & Voice Actors

spyxfamily-kv-scaled Cute Family Visual Revealed for "SPY×FAMILY"!
Loid Forger: Takuya Eguchi

An agent serving WISE, under the codename Twilight. He has tremendous skill in observation and memory, and is a master of disguise, with 100 masks in his arsenal. To investigate a threat to the world’s peace, he is tasked with creating a false family and enrolling his false children in a prestigious school.
spyxfamily-kv-scaled Cute Family Visual Revealed for "SPY×FAMILY"!
Anya Forger:

A telepath, experimented upon by an unnamed organization. She lived in an orphanage before joining Lloyd’s family. She keeps her powers a secret, but recognizes that Lloyd is a spy, and thus endeavors to help him without being exposed.
spyxfamily-kv-scaled Cute Family Visual Revealed for "SPY×FAMILY"!
Yor Forger:

A skilled assassin, having trained in the art since childhood. Codename Thorn Princess. She enters a fabricated marriage with Lloyd to appease her brother. Continues to moonlight as an assassin.

"SPYxFAMILY" (Manga)
spyxfamily-kv-scaled Cute Family Visual Revealed for "SPY×FAMILY"!

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Tatsuya Endo
  • Director: Kazuhiro Furuhashi
  • Character Design: Kazuaki Shimada

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