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Subarashiki Kono Sekai (The World Ends with You The Animation), a.k.a. TWEWY is an anime based on the video game of the same name, originally released in 2007. The game was beloved by many people on the Nintendo DS, as was its remaster in 2018 for the Nintendo Switch. But it took until 2021 for the incredible story to make it to the screen as anime. It may have been a long time coming, but it did finally make it. And it was definitely worth the wait!

Read on to see what we thought of The World Ends with You The Animation. Overall, we were very impressed with this anime adaptation.

Fast-Paced Storytelling

TWEWY had to undertake the difficult task of translating a long video game into a one-season anime. And it wasn’t just any video game, it was one with a complicated story and a lot of well-written, deep characters. On top of all that, it’s a video game whose fans know the story frontwards and backward, and have had 14 years to think about every element of it. That’s a huge task — and TWEWY The Animation was up for it. From the start, the episodes are fast-moving. There’s plenty of cool fights in every episode, and the in-game days breeze by.

The best part is, this isn’t done at the expense of the story. TWEWY is still mostly easy to follow, and the characters still have enough time for us to get to know them. Of course, it will never be as deep as the game, but the plus side is that the anime never had a chance to get boring or repetitive. It’s always something new and exciting, which is what anime fans want to see in an action anime!

A Style That Sets it Apart

One of the things that drew otaku to TWEWY as a video game was the art style. The game always looked like a really cool anime, with bright colours, cool fashion, and character design, and a stylised version of Shibuya for its setting. All of these things helped make the transition from game to anime for TWEWY really smooth. It looks just like the game — and looks different than other anime from this season. The art style is unique, not relying on realism at all but instead looking more like pop art or graffiti (perfect for the atmosphere of the story). It makes TWEWY eye-catching the way the original game was, and anime need something special to set themselves apart each season. For TWEWY, that special thing is definitely its style.

Plot Twists Galore

Another thing that kept TWEWY really gripping for us was the number of plot twists. There’s always another big reveal, a character who isn’t who you thought they were, or a hidden motive coming to light. Characters die when you don’t expect them. People aren’t who they appear to be. Everyone’s backstory is only revealed over time. These sorts of storytelling elements keep you guessing and wanting to see more, wondering what will happen next (and probably guessing wrong). Sadly a lot of these twists are lost on people who played the game before, but for newcomers to the series, TWEWY has a lot of surprises to keep you curious.

Sets Up the New Game

One of the best things about TWEWY The Animation is that it made TWEWY accessible to people that never had the chance to play the game in 2007, or had forgotten many of its details. With a release date of July 27th, 2021, the sequel game Neo: The World Ends with You is coming to us very, very soon. TWEWY The Animation had made that game more appealing to people even if they never played the original by giving them all the details and background information they need to enjoy the sequel. It’s also rekindled interest in old fans of the series, reminding them of everything they loved about the original.

Final Thoughts

Now old and new fans alike are ready to jump back into the Reapers’ Game, and it’s all thanks to The World Ends with You The Animation. It’s often hard for anime to live up to the legacy of the game it was based on, and often they fall short leaving fans disappointed. TWEWY didn’t do that. It really delivered, keeping that same art style, music, and atmosphere that made the game so special and delivering the story one more time for everyone. If you haven’t watched it yet, it’s not too late to binge it quickly. The fun action scenes and unique art style should catch your attention right from the start and keep your attention from one episode to the next.

Did you watch The World Ends with You The Animation? Do you agree with our review? Why or why not? Did we help you decide if you want to watch it now or not? Let us know in the comments!

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