Taboo Tattoo - Anime Summer 2016

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taboo-tattoo-dvd-1-300x377 Taboo Tattoo - Anime Summer 2016

taboo-tattoo-dvd-1-300x377 Taboo Tattoo - Anime Summer 2016

Taboo Tattoo

Supernatural, Action, Comedy

Airing Date:
July 4 2016

J.C. Staff

Honey's Highlights

taboo-tattoo-dvd-1-300x377 Taboo Tattoo - Anime Summer 2016
HAVE YOU SEEN THE PV/TRAILER YET? E P I C. I do have to say too, they all remind me of the tattoos everyone had in Fullmetal Alchemist.
taboo-tattoo-dvd-1-300x377 Taboo Tattoo - Anime Summer 2016
Have you seen these character names yet? Justice? Bluesy Fluesy? Iltutmish? Hahaha who came up with these??
taboo-tattoo-dvd-1-300x377 Taboo Tattoo - Anime Summer 2016
Hahaha the creator did! But it’s good to know that it’s J.C. Staff handling it. They always make good anime!

Promotional Videos / PV


Justice Akatsuka, aka Seigi, has a tattoo on his palm.

It’s not just any tattoo - it’s a ‘Jumon’, a cursed crest and ancient weapon that warps time and space, creating a void and destroying everything around it.

Seigi is dragged into the conflict between America and Serinistan over the Jumon, and ends up having to help Izzie, a young woman from the American army, retrieve the cursed crest.

In the midst of this battle surrounded by conspiracy, powerful Shields, people who bear cursed crests, start to appear before Seigi one after another. Through his incredibly fierce fights with the Shields, the magnificent mystery behind the Jumon begins to become clear.

Three Episode Impression

As each episode progresses we see that Seigi is still in confusion about what his tattoo even does, until he's confronted by a superhuman beast that is out for blood. Bluesy tells him that his power lies within the blood and that he must wield this power in order to pursue the deadly factions that surround them. He also must deal with the fact that he too is now a threat and Bluesy informs him that they must retrieve his tattoo, dead or alive. We see some really surprising situations transpire throughout each episode, with the third episode leaving you with your jaw dropping in bewilderment. What we didn't really find intriguing however, was how the back story regarding the creation of the tattoos was never really explained to us, and so we were somewhat confused as to why Seigi was chosen and why the organization seeks it so desperately. The direction of the show despite some of the back story being a mystery is still fantastic, because they quickly introduce you to each important character and give you a nice breakdown of what to expect from them. There's definitely much to look forward to from this show, we just hope they don't rush it and kill a promising story leaving a permanent bad tattoo on our conscience.

Characters & Voice Actors List

Justice Akatsuka

Voice Actor: Makoto Furukawa

Nickname: Seigi
When he helped save a mysterious man one day, suddenly there was a strange tattoo engraved on the palm of his hand. He has a strong sense of justice and is a user of the Akatsuka style jujitsu. He trains daily with his very upbeat and very much active grandfather.

Bluesy Fluesy

Voice Actor: Mikako Komatsu

Nickname: Esy
Bluesy appeared out of the blue one day in front of Justice. She also has an overwhelming physical power that even overwhelms Justice.

Touko Ichinose

Voice Actor: Chika Anzai

Nickname: Touko
Touko is the classmate of Justice and his childhood friend.


Voice Actor: Akari Kitou

Nickname: Arya
The princess of Serinistan. She may seem beautiful and dignified, but she’s an unrivalled lover of games.


Voice Actor: Shiori Izawa

Nickname: Il
A girl who has sworn allegiance to Arya.

R.R. Lurker

Voice Actor: Kenjirou Tsuda

Nickname: Lurker
Arya’s subordinate. A sadist who uses a whip.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Belief by May’n
  • Ending Song: EGOISTIC EMOTION by TRIGGER Bluesy Fluesy & Touko Ichinose

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Shinjiro
  • Director: Takashi Watanabe
  • Script: Mayori Sekijima, Masamitsu Ootake
  • Series Composition: Mayori Sekijima, Masamitsu Ootake
  • Character Design: Shinji Hasegawa
  • Music: Shinji Hirose, SuperSweep

For more information: Official Website

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