6 Anime Like Taboo Tattoo [Recommendations]

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Taboo Tattoo was one of the more highly anticipated anime of the summer. It comes as no surprise when you have series director Takashi Watanabe at the helm. Its crisp visuals and fluid animation has become a staple for his work. We’re five episodes into the series now and to this point it’s been full of fights, laughs, mystery and Mr. Watanabe’s trademark fanservice.

This list that we’re going to present you with is a compilation of six anime that share something in common with Taboo Tattoo. It could be as simple as its violent nature or something more pronounced such as, the tattoos and supernatural elements that this anime brings. If you’ve been enjoying the ride up to this point and would like something else to watch in between, we have a list for you that should pique your interest. Without further ado, here is 6 anime like Taboo Tattoo.

Similar Anime to Taboo Tattoo

1. Strike the Blood

  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: Oct. 2013 – Mar. 2014

The story starts off with an ordinary high school student in the Demon District of Itogami Island named, Kojou Akatsuki. His life is forever changed after one pivotal encounter that seen him gain phenomenal abilities and traits of a vampire. Without any time to dwell on his current situation it’s discovered that Kojou is the fourth primogenitor, a powerful vampire who was thought to be a legend. Dreading the worst, the Lion King Organization deploys Yukina Himeragi, a sword-shaman to monitor his situation. Together the two form an improbable alliance to protect the city from various chaotic forces, while Kojou struggles to stabilize his newly acquired abilities.

Promptly without having to see this anime you can already expect to see a ton of action and supernatural elements. Strike the Blood’s supernatural elements come in the form of vampires and familiars, whereas Taboo Tattoo has extraordinary tattoos that generally need a trigger to activate abilities. Strike the Blood comes with an ecchi tag, so there is going to be fanservice in both shows, however, there is far less in Taboo Tattoo. The two main characters in Strike the Blood bear a similar setup to Seigi and Izzie. Both Seigi and Kojou come across remarkable power and after gaining it, they become shadowed by exceptional females who want to make sure their new abilities don’t get used for the wrong reasons. All in all, we feel this one is worth a check out.

TV Anime " strike the blood " teaser PV

2. Bungou Stray Dogs

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Apr. 2016 – Jun. 2016

The 18-year-old Atsushi Nakajima was kicked out of his orphanage after being suspected of being behind the strange incidents that plagued his orphanage. For weeks, Atsushi had seen a mystical tiger, which he was only aware of, causing trouble at his residence. He is now faced with the unfortunate task of being homeless and scrounging for food. During his struggle near the riverbank, he comes across a peculiar man by the name of Osamu Dazai, who he saved from nearly drowning. Osamu, who is a suicide enthusiast and supernatural detective, is hot on the trail of the same mystical tiger that had been causing a stir with Atsushi. Osamu and his partner Doppo Kunikida solved the mystery, but it left Atsushi in a tough spot, as several other strange events occurred. It leads the troubled boy to join their supernatural firm of investigators where they tackle unusual cases that the police aren’t equipped to take on.

The first thing you might notice about these 2016 anime is the similar art style. The settings in both anime showcase great contrast and bring out powerful uneasiness to vital situations. The next thing that jumps out to us is the two main characters in their respected series, Atsushi and Seigi. They’re both considered to be unique and very powerful. Atsushi possesses incredible superpowers, while Seigi is rewarded with an overpowered supernatural tattoo. What’s more is that both of them have a tremendously hard time being able to control such power and often find themselves in sticky situations because of their gift. They both fall in the same genre and it shouldn’t be too difficult to jump from Taboo Tattoo to this anime.

TV anime " great writer Stray Dogs " PV first series

3. Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Oct. 2014 – Dec. 2014

A heated battle royale known as The Holy Grail War takes place between the seven magi who serves as masters. Upon entering the war, the masters are given a special command seal that enables them to summon heroic spirits known as servants to fight for them in battle. A mage known as Rin Toosaka, enters the fifth Holy Grail War in hopes of capturing the ultimate prize. That prize being a mystical artifact that’s capable of granting any wish to the wielder of the Holy Grail. Emiya Shirou, one of Rin’s classmates accidently joins the competition. As the competition heats up Rin and Emiya find themselves forming a temporary alliance to quell some of the mutual foes that they have to deal with in The Holy Grail War.

The atmosphere in both of these series can be associated with each other. They both present a dark and sometimes ominous presence about it that carries over perfectly to the fighting. This is almost a requirement when it comes to a full-blown action, last person standing battle. In each anime, they convey their own superpowers brilliantly. Through trial and error, they eventually get things right with their unique skillset. Finally, Shirou and Seigi are similar in that once they both got put into undesirable situations; they both yearned to become heroes of justice for various reasons. Coincidently, Justice is Seigi’s real name. Out of all these anime on this list, this particular one is probably the least similar to Taboo Tattoo. However, we’re still able to find some similarities that should intrigue you and hopefully get you to watch this.

Fate/ stay night Trailer 1

Any Anime Like Taboo Tattoo ?

4. Big Order

  • Episodes: 10
  • Aired: Apr. 2016 – Jun. 2016

Ten years ago a child by the name of Eiji Hoshimiya was asked by a fairy named Daisy, what his one and only wish would be. His wish turned out to be catastrophic and the consequences of his mysterious wish led to the event called the “Great Destruction.” It was a time where the world was literally falling apart and there were many casualties from this unfortunate action. In the present day, Eiji’s main concern is taking care of his sick sister. In the years after the event, many people have had their desires come true. These people called “The Orders” aren’t well received by the general public and are perceived to be evil. However, some of these Orders have vowed vengeance against Eiji and plan on taking his life due to that one fateful wish ten years ago. What will become of Eiji? Will he be assassinated before he gets to find out about the biggest mystery of all; what he wished for?

Out of all these on this list, Big Order might be most similar to Taboo Tattoo. Both Seigi and Eiji have an immensely powerful ability that comes from a marking on their palms, Seigi’s on his right and Eiji’s on his left hand. It’s not just the male protagonists who share things in common, but the ladies in both series bear strong similarities as well. For example, the transfer student Rin, from Big Order, nearly murders Eiji. The same can be said for Seigi and Izzie. Izzie and Rin both possess incredible skill and they aren’t afraid to showcase it when called upon. Lastly, the main characters are being hunted by a group or government. From that and other various circumstances the main characters eventually team up.

Big Order

5. Charlotte

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: Jul. 2015 – Sep. 2015

Yuu Otosaka on the surface appears to be an intelligent and pleasant teenager to be around. However, what most people wouldn’t know is that he has the ability to slip into a person’s mind and take control of their body for several seconds at a time. Naturally, he has used this skill to further advance his education by allowing him to gain the highest grades and thus getting him into the most prestigious of schools. A mysterious girl by the name of Nao Tomori catches him in the act and persuades him and his sister to join a school full of students with supernatural abilities. Yuu joins the student council and together they track down teenagers who exploit their gifts. During these missions, Yuu is confronted with the idea that his powers might be much more extraordinary than he ever imagined.

If you’re a fan of Izzie from Taboo Tattoo there is a reasonable chance that you might also take a liking into Nao Tomori from Charlotte. The reason we say this is because they do have some physical resemblance, particularly the face and the blue eyes. They both have strong personalities and are more than capable of handling themselves with their own superpowers. It should be noted that in both these shows the male protagonists share the fortunate or rather unfortunate, (depending on how you look at it) pleasure of being a target because of their skillsets. Both stories also have a male gaining or using their powers only for a female to swoop in and guide them to become partners.

Charlotte English Trailer

6. Akame ga Kill!

  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: Jul. 2014 – Dec. 2014

The covert assassination branch of the Revolutionary Army, Night Raid is assembled to topple Prime Minister Honest, whose rapacity has led him to take advantage of the young emperor’s amateurish ways. The rest of the nation is left to suffer in poverty and ruin. The Night Raid members are experienced killers and understand that murdering is far from honorable. The newest recruit to the group is a naïve boy by the name of Tatsumi, who started his journey to assist his poverty-stricken hometown any way he can. Akame ga Kill! follows Tatsumi on his adventure to challenge the empire and go head-to-head with enemy assassins that challenge his own morals. He has to come to grips with the idea of him being an assassin with a cause.

The first thing to take note between these two anime is the way they are presented, both in terms of fighting and banding together. These series are both identifiable from their fighting scenes. Both shows are violent and graphic in nature with a lot of bloodshed. Through these violent scenes, we get the privilege of viewing some fanservice which isn’t always a bad thing. In regards to banding together, both shows are united by powerful deterrents that are the catalyst for their adventure. The Imperial Arms for Akame ga Kill! and mystic tattoos for Taboo Tattoo.

" Akame ga kill ! " The PV

Final Thoughts

After reading through this list you should have a core collection of anime that resembles Taboo Tattoo in one form or another. Without a doubt there will be something for you to watch that will make you think of this anime topic. Action and supernatural enthusiast will have something to talk about after reading this article.

For our readers, we present you with a question. Is there any other anime that you think would fit on this list? Did we create a compelling list of series that connect with these genres? Let us know in the comments section below, we’d love to hear from you!

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