Technology in Anime: How Close Are We?

Giant robots, devices that scan a person’s intentions, full VR immersion, and bionic limbs. Many of you anime fans can probably guess the anime these amazing inventions come from but have you ever thought “are we—as a society—even close to reaching such technological heights?” As cool as anime technology is, it can often feel so absurd and outlandish that one can find it hard to see these pieces of tech in our everyday lives. We here at Honey’s Anime know that the fine line between anime and reality sometimes can be paper-thin and some of these incredible pieces of technology have already invaded our everyday worlds. Today, we’re going to look at numerous inventions from the world of anime that have started to become implemented in our daily lives. We will also examine the more fictitious side of anime tech and show that humanity might be getting closer but still can’t make these spectacular ideas come to light…not yet at least.

Between Reality and Virtual Reality

How many of you anime viewers loved the concept of series like Sword Art Online, Infinite Dendrogram and/or .Hack//Sign? The concept of putting on a virtual reality headset—VR for short—and entering a video game world seems so incredible and world-changing! Despite our advances in the video game realm, we have simple VR setups but none of them really remove us from the current world and drop us into a fantasy playground. However, IBM has shown some promise with a very secretive project—related to Sword Art Online—bringing us closer to a VRMMORPG and it shows signs we might one day ditch the silly helmets/goggles and feel as if we’re inside the gaming landscape. Though, we do hope nothing like Sword Art Online happens…

Detecting Crime Before it Happens

There is a multitude of anime out there that have explored the idea that crime can be prevented before it even occurs. Pyscho-Pass and ID: INVADED are more recent anime series that have danced around the laws of sci-fi to see if criminal intent or motive could be calculated before anything occurs. Despite the ideas these shows present, they have crafted special guns that can shift between two forms all while measuring criminal coefficient. But, we have begun to test the idea of having cameras that can scan people’s moods and that might be a step in the right direction. The world of sci-fi could be a bit more invasive as we prevent crimes but, is it worth that loss of freedom/movement for a safer today? We will leave that rousing argument to you readers in the comments section!

Robotic Arms and All-Seeing Eyes

Ghost in the Shell is definitely the forerunner series when it comes to examining the concept of having full robotic limbs/bodies. While the idea of switching bodies seems truly scary, for those with weaker/frail bodies, this application could change human life! Imagine those who have lost limbs regaining them with the use of robotics or cybernetic prosthetics. Not only could veterans lead normal lives after coming home from a bad situation but those born with defective limbs could live simplified lives from the very start! Science and medicine have already done wonders in making anime themes like robotic limbs become a reality—look online for some real-life cyborgs—which shows us we’re getting closer to having people be almost like living robots! Speaking of robots, that brings us to our last topic...MECHS!


We have talked about a lot of science tech that has been featured in anime in our article—so far—with many of these concepts already semi-applicable to real life. One thing from the world of sci-fi we still don’t really have, though, is…giant robots/mechs. While Japan has long shown us the wonders of series like Gundam and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, mechs still are far from real. Scientists globally have begun to make mini robots—some the size of humans—like Sofia and Roombas but most of these robotic inventions are in their early stages. We can’t hop into any of them and begin blasting missiles and heavy artillery in them to stop evil space alien lifeforms nor can we summon them using wrist communicators. Sadly, mechs are probably still the furthest from becoming a real piece of anime tech transitioning to the real world but we have high hopes folks! One day, we will ride through the skies with giants mechanized machines and fight space invaders…or at least ride them as an amusement park ride…

Final Thoughts

Anime and real-life are two different spectrums—especially if you listen to your parents—but that doesn’t mean they don’t hold some common goals. A lot of technology we see in the anime world has begun to invade our everyday existence and that truly mystifies us. Will we one day see anime not as just images on a monitor but ways of advancing our typical lives? What do you folks think? Comment below to let us know and for even more anime-themed articles, keep stuck to our cybernetic hive here at Honey’s Anime!

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Author: Aaron

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sword-art-online-Wallpaper-700x394 Technology in Anime: How Close Are We?

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