TEKKEN World Tour Headed Your Way!

Tekken_7_Logo-1-560x315 TEKKEN World Tour Headed Your Way!

What You Need to Know:

  • With TEKKEN 7's global release just about a week away, fans are gearing up for the highly anticipated fighting title. Before all of that can happen however, Bandai Namco wants to give fans more to be excited for and they've now announced a world tour!
  • Managed and streamed exclusively by Twitch, the TEKKEN World Tour will encompass TEKKEN tournaments from around the globe, seeking the best TEKKEN 7 players to compete in the TEKKEN World Finals taking place in North America this November. TEKKEN fan and award winning rapper, Kid Ink, will be hopping on the mic to create a Hip-Hop track used exclusively in TEKKEN 7’s TEKKEN World Tour trailer, which you'll find below!
  • The TEKKEN World Tour will kick-off in the U.S. on June 16-18 at the CEO Fighting Game Championships, and from there other major tournaments will follow suit. Players who can't attend the live events can participate in the online tournaments, so your chances are still there! The TEKKEN World Tour has over $200,000 in prize money up for grabs along with limitless bragging rights and glory. If you'd like to know more on on TEKKEN World Tour, visit the official website at http://tekkenworldtour.com.

Source: Official Bandai Namco Press Release

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Tekken_7_Logo-1-560x315 TEKKEN World Tour Headed Your Way!
Get ready for the next battle!
Tekken_7_Logo-1-560x315 TEKKEN World Tour Headed Your Way!
This is going to be a tournament definitely worth watching this year, so many high level players from around the world! Hype mode activated!

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