Terra Formars Live Action Movie Trailer Released

terraformars movie

What You Need to Know:

  • Just over a week ago, a teaser clip for the live action movie adaption of Terra Formars was released.
  • Now, the official trailer has been revealed, showing off each of the actors - including Shun Oguri and Tomohisa Yamashita aka Yama P! Check it out below - unless of course, human-sized bugs make you feel a bit squicky.
  • You might also be interested to know that the anime will be getting a second season this spring - find out all the available details here.

Source: Official Website

honey's anime character
Woah, the CG is actually pretty well done! It's even better than I expected!

honey's anime character
Ew, ew. I don't think I could sit through this movie at all... But Yama P...