The Best 5 Summer 2018 Anime Endings!

If it's true that anime openings are used with the purpose of presenting a new show, lighting the spark of curiosity in the viewers, it's also true that every anime needs a good ending. The best ending has to be able reinforce the concepts of the opening, without spoiling too much of the plot, or the characters. When the music and the flowing of the images fit perfectly, then you have the perfect mix, for the perfect ending! Stick with us, because in this ranking you'll find the best 5 summer 2018 anime endings!

5. "Prayer X" by King Gnu – Banana Fish

  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: July 2018 – ongoing

Despite his young age, Ash Lynx is a gang leader living in New York. Not only that, he is a ruthless killer with no hope for the future. The mob boss who raised him is Dino Golzine: he wanted to make him his heir, but behind the facade, Dino actually wanted to turn Ash into his sex toy. However, Ash's life was bound to change the moment he met a dying man in an alley, and later, when he met Eiji Okumura, a Japanese photographer. Eiji will get close to Ash, becoming a comrade, and a friend...

Prayer X, performed by King Gnu, starts off like a sweet lullaby. A starry sky on the background hosts teardrops that gradually takes the form of a DNA, and finally of a beating heart. Unlike the opening, Banana Fish's ending is not dynamic. The remaining frames are black and white pencil strokes showing Ash Lynx walking, and then falling way down deep. It ends with Ash eventually opening his blue eyes.

4. "Inkya Impulse" by Hina Kino, Rika Nagae, Konomi Kohara feat. Ikepy & KSKN – Asobi Asobase (Asobi Asobase: Workshop Of Fun)

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: July 2018 – September 2018

Meet Hanako, a high school girl that is good at sports, but bad at reality. Then meet Olivia, American transfer student who can't speak a single word in English, as she was raised in Japan. Finally, meet Kasumi: she is irritated with Hanako and Olivia's games, and very bad at English. When Kasumi asks Olivia to help her with English, the three girls begin interacting with each other... and their comedic school life begins!

Inkya Impulse is performed by the seiyuu of our three protagonists. It's a metal song, and all we see is a total black background, and the outlines of our three protagonists performing the song like a real metal band, while their contours keep changing colors. We think it is very fitting, as the entire show is just as surreal as its ending!

3. "CheerS" by ClariS – Hataraku Saibou (Cells at Work!)

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: July 2018 – September 2018

When you are a cell trying to end your deliveries, world inside a body can turn out to be very dangerous. This is a story set inside of our body, and it revolves around Sekkekkyuu – a red blood cell – and Hakkekkyuu – a white blood cell. Helped out by the many other cells, this anime shows us the hardships our cells go through each moment!

CheerS, performed by ClariS is the wonderful song ending each episode of Hataraku Saibou. Even if very static, the ending shows the cornerstone of the entire show, which is how a red blood cell need to get her deliveries done. In fact, the frames show Red Blood Cell walking Kesshouban – a platelet – on her cart. The end comes to its conclusion with Red Blood Cell carrying out the delivery.

2. "Rainbow Planet" by Mai Fuchigami – Planet With

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: July 2018 – September 2018

Souya Kuroi is a high school student with no memories of his past. In spite this, he manages to live a peaceful life. One day, though, huge floating objects begin to attack humanity, and the soldiers who were supposed to fight against them disappeared. When the hope seems lost, 7 heroes come in order to protect humanity. Souya doesn't know what's going on, but he feels like he has to fight against the 7 heroes. The answer as to why he needs to must be researched in his missing memories!

With the universe as the background, we see the world through Souya's goggles, as the sweet voice of Mai Fuchigami accompanies us. One by one, each characters is presented, and while on the background there's a static image, on Souya's goggles the characters move. Then, the attention shifts on a smiling Nozomi – one of Souya's friends – and finally on Souya, who takes his goggles off and looks toward the gray city from a hill.

1. "High Stepper" by Yuiko Ohara – Hanebado!

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: July 2018 – October 2018

Ayano Hanesaki is a high school student, attending the Kanagawa Prefectural Kitakomachi High. She has a real talent for badminton, and is able to surpass others without efforts; yet, she doesn't care. Nagisa Aragaki is a third-year student, and unlike Hanesaki, she wants to become the best player in Japan. The two of them, supported by the other club members and their coach Kentarou Tachibana, eventually engage in badminton... but very skilled rivals awaits them!

Performed by Yuiko Ohara, High Stepper nicely wraps this ending up. We see slices of life of each character, flowing like watercolor sketches in pastel colors, one after the other. Then, when the chorus begins, we see Hanesaki and Aragaki engulfed by a gust of wind spreading leaves everywhere. After another frame showing the other club members, we follow a leaf falling at Hanesaki's feet – supposedly. The ending concludes with other slices of life, and Hanesaki running toward her friends.

Final Thoughts

And so, our ranking of the best 5 summer 2018 anime endings came to an end! We hope you enjoyed the ride just as much as we did. These are the endings that left a mark within our hearts, and those that turned out to be absolutely fitting with the entire show. Now it's your turn: don't forget to let us know what was your favorite ending in the comments below! See you next time.

Hataraku-Saibou-Cells-at-Work-Wallpaper-2 The Best 5 Summer 2018 Anime Endings!


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