The Conjuring House - PlayStation 4 Review

A beautiful but flawed nightmare awaits

Game Info:

  • System: PC
  • Publisher: RYM GAMES
  • Developer: RYM GAMES
  • Release Date: Sept 25, 2018

Who it Caters to

CH-1-The-Conjuring-House-capture-560x315 The Conjuring House - PlayStation 4 Review
The Conjuring House is a game made for those who love jumpscares, constant feelings of terror and love trying to survive against paranormal entities. Developed and published by RYM GAMES. The Conjuring House is an almost randomized survival horror game where events don’t always feel scripted and often players will find a different horror walkthrough with each playthrough. Do you wish to know more about this nightmare inducing title? Then you’ll have to enter our review of The Conjuring House by continuing reading below…if you dare.

What to Expect

CH-1-The-Conjuring-House-capture-560x315 The Conjuring House - PlayStation 4 Review
The main theme of The Conjuring House is to run and survive. Players will meet various horrors waiting for them in almost every room and often, there is no way to fight back. The Conjuring House also keeps scares and puzzles seemingly randomized and will keep you constantly scanning around you for a possible ghost waiting to kill you. With solid visuals and survival horror elements found in titles like PT, The Conjuring House will test your sanity and how much endurance you have when it comes to being scared by the unknown.


CH-1-The-Conjuring-House-capture-560x315 The Conjuring House - PlayStation 4 Review
The Atkinson House has been known for strange incidents and oddities surrounding not only its owner but those who have entered its domain. A team of investigators find themselves entering the home but suddenly disappear leaving one lone member to enter the domain and see if he can unravel the mysterious of his now gone team. Soon, however, this young survivor will learn that this place is far from a home now and there are horrors waiting for him at every turn. Survival is key and it’s up to the man to do what his team couldn’t do…live and destroy the evil within the Atkinson House.


CH-1-The-Conjuring-House-capture-560x315 The Conjuring House - PlayStation 4 Review
Gameplay (Use CH #4)
With Halloween soon coming, it’s no wonder that game companies are capitalizing on the spooky holiday by releasing horror games in hopes they can make a title that stands out from the rest. Several years ago, we heard about an interesting game called The Conjuring House and after several delays and a reduction in what systems, it would release for—originally, The Conjuring House was slated to be a multi-platform release—it has finally released just before the creepy holiday many of us adore. Can The Conjuring House truly change a genre that has been done millions of times before? Will it fill your screens with scares and great gameplay or will it falter like so many other lesser known titles have done numerous times before? Let us find out in our review of The Conjuring House for the PC!

Developed by RYM GAMES, The Conjuring House plays out like most survival horror games. Enter a creepy home—in this case the Atkinson House—and discover that you’re far from the only resident in this decrepit looking place. The Conjuring House has players run around trying to escape several evil entities all while finding ways to destroy several artifacts that are the possible cause to the evil within the Atkinson House. You might think this set up makes The Conjuring House seem generic, but there are some ideas established by RYM GAMES that make The Conjuring House a solid title. Equally, some big flaws exist within The Conjuring House and it’s not all because the place is haunted by an evil ghost lady.

Let’s begin with the positive. The Conjuring House is one spooky as heck game and legitimately knows how to do horror well. Your main objective is to survive all while finding keys, artifacts and various other items that will help you stay alive in these haunted hallways. RYM GAMES uses a very unique system that makes random events occur such as furniture moving suddenly for no reason, random item locations and a setting that feels constantly changing but all while looks the same from room to room. The Conjuring House makes you feel tense and it creates this truly heart pounding feeling from moment to moment.

What also helps The Conjuring House is that it’s a beautiful looking game. Everything has this ultra-realistic look to it which gives The Atkinson House a feeling not seen in too many horror game locals. RYM GAMES even made items look occasionally like threats to make your mind play tricks on you when you go down a dark hallway and see a table with a candle set on it, but it appears to at first be an enemy. Add to this the fact that items aren’t always in the same locations and puzzles can have randomized elements—like a padlock that has 4 digits scattered around the home—and you soon realize The Conjuring House succeeds in keeping you from ever getting too comfortable with its survival gameplay style. You’re never truly safe and you’re always a target in The Conjuring House.

Unfortunately, while The Conjuring House does a lot right, it also is marred by some pretty big gaming issues that might put a damper on your enjoyment of this title. The major issue—the one that can lead to game ending runs—is the several game breaking glitches we’ve come across personally as well as other reviewers. Very early on, there is a pre-scripted event that has you locked in a room but then has the room open after a series of scares. We had this room not unlock when the scripted event ended and led us to reloading the game nearly 10 times before the door opened and the issue was resolved. We also have had doors not open or continuously open/close leaving us unable to move and then be attacked by an enemy chasing us down. RYM GAMES has already begun to fix some of these glitches with updates as of writing this review, but we still see some of them and know they can be quite…annoying.

Lastly, while The Conjuring House is a scary horror game that is done well, the gameplay itself can be quite formulaic. Run to this area, find a key, run to another area, hide, and repeat a thousand more times. It works for a while, but The Conjuring House quickly begins to boil down to making progress and finding a safe room before an enemy kills you and forces you restart from an earlier save slot. As much as the older Resident Evil titles could be annoying with their key finding puzzles, at least those puzzles changed in design. The Conjuring House often relies on the same tricks and, for some, this might cause you to quickly get bored of The Conjuring House even with its high amount of scares to be had.

Honey's Gameplay Consensus:

CH-1-The-Conjuring-House-capture-560x315 The Conjuring House - PlayStation 4 Review
The Conjuring House is, at its best, when the anxiety hits you and keeps you wondering what is safe and what isn’t. There’s a constant thrill to being stalked and hoping to avoid a quick demise as you run away from danger to think you’re safe but see a possible door close in front of you and/or have your enemy be right in front of you waiting to pounce. Our issues with The Conjuring House—the glitches, for example—weren’t enough to hinder our several hours with The Conjuring House, but we do believe it keeps it from greatness. We hate having nightmares here at Honey’s Anime; they can ruin even the best seven hours of sleep. Yet, The Conjuring House is a beautiful nightmare that we entered the moment we played it and it’s one we can’t say is bad.

Do we recommend The Conjuring House for the PC? If you truly enjoy horror games and can get past the flaws seen in The Conjuring House, then you’ll most definitely love what it delivers. Just be prepared to save in not one but multiple save slots in case a glitch or issue occurs that might cause your progress to be marred by some random bug.

Honey's Pros:

  • Realistic graphics that make rooms and simple items feel so lifelike and equally so terrifying
  • Wonderful use of jump scares and horror themes to not feel overused but well executed
  • Simple story and gameplay allow for a focus on surviving first and foremost
  • The randomness of puzzles and areas makes no two walkthroughs feel the same

Honey's Cons:

  • Several glitches appeared while we played and some were pretty annoying
  • Sometimes the feeling of constantly needing to explore rooms for keys and puzzle pieces can be a bit tedious
  • Framerate issues will make even the stronger PCs have issues

Honey's Final Verdict:

CH-1-The-Conjuring-House-capture-560x315 The Conjuring House - PlayStation 4 Review
We have seen many reviewers either loving The Conjuring House or hating on it and we can honestly say we’re in between both spectrums. When it works—and it works more often than not— The Conjuring House is a marvelous horror experience that made us fly out of our seats and turn the lights back on as we heard a noise behind us in real life. Problems like glitches and game breaking bugs mire the greatness of The Conjuring House and that is a big issue that needs to be addressed before we can say go and buy The Conjuring House right this very second. We applaud RYM GAMES for The Conjuring House and what it does well but we equally hope they release some updates—like they already are—so it will sell well and get the success it deserves. Are you thinking of trying out The Conjuring House? Let us know why in the comments below! Remember for all your anime, gaming and manga related articles be sure to keep stuck to our hive here at Honey’s Anime.

CH-1-The-Conjuring-House-capture-560x315 The Conjuring House - PlayStation 4 Review


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