The Definitive, 100% Unbiased Ranking of the Nakano Quintuplets

Ahem. This is serious business, folks. We’re not messing around. The Go-Toubun no Hanayome (The Quintessential Quintuplets) movie comes out May 20th, and finally reveals which of the five sisters is standing at the altar.

But which of the Quintuplets do we think should be standing at Fuutarou’s side?
We’re glad you asked, because today on Honey’s Anime, we’re ranking the Quints! Of course, this is just our personal preference, and we don’t intend to spoil the actual ending to The Quintessential Quintuplets — it’s still anyone’s game at this stage! Beware, there are some spoilers ahead for the first two seasons of the anime (roughly the first 11 volumes of the manga).

—Spoilers Ahead (But No, We Won’t Tell You Who The Bride Is)—

5. Nino Nakano

Second-born Nino is our least-preferred candidate for Fuutarou’s hand in marriage, because honestly, drugging people is not cool. She does this twice over the course of her time with Fuutarou, and although he seems willing to forgive her, we’re pulling this up as a big red flag! Plus, she preferred him when he was pretending to have blonde hair, and we think Fuutarou looks better in black.

Now, admittedly, Nino does have some redeeming qualities — she’s an excellent cook, and she’s always well-prepared with band-aids in case anybody (probably Yotsuba) gets injured! Despite her tsundere exterior, she can be genuinely emotional and mature at times, and once she admits her feelings for Fuutarou, she warms to him quite quickly.
But still — don’t drug people’s drinks.

4. Yotsuba Nakano

True to her name, fourth-born Yotsuba has earned fourth place on our list. Ironically, it’s not because we have anything bad to say about her — it’s because we really don’t have much good to say? She’s always “just there”, and doesn’t have as big an impact on Fuutarou as the other girls (and maybe that’s a good thing, considering how much trouble they all cause him!).

That said, Yotsuba has such a beautiful, soft soul, and has always accepted Fuutarou as her tutor when the others first rebelled. Also — those ribbons are absolutely adorable! But unfortunately, our sporty Quint is stuck near the bottom of the pack in our rankings today.

3. Ichika Nakano

First-born of the quintuplets, the aspiring actress and eldest sister Ichika comes in at third on our list. True, she’s perhaps the nicest and kindest of the Quints, and she sacrifices her own happiness to put her sisters first. But when she eventually learns to take what she wants, she ends up betraying her own sisters in the war to win Fuutarou’s heart.

We’re not saying Ichika shouldn’t have turned on her sisters, but she did lead them astray and tell them she didn’t intend on pursuing Fuutarou before blindsiding them. Although the Quints all betrayed each other at some point, Onee-san Ichika is getting docked a few slots for being a traitorous older sister!

2. Itsuki Nakano

And by now, we can hear our dear readers hissing and booing because our second-place choice gives away the first-place pick. But before we tell you why Miku is best girl (Miku is best girl), let’s give Itsuki a fair shot at the silver medal!

Some might call her a crybaby, but she’s straight-laced and consistently scores higher than the others in most of their tests (only beaten out by Miku). She is diligent and thoughtful, and we honestly considered giving her the top spot — but our decision today is based more on compatibility than anything else.

We genuinely love Itsuki and could happily see her beneath the veil — so if you’re an Itsuki fan, hang in there!!!

1. Miku Nakano

As you’ve already figured out, our Best Girl is Miku! As the third-born and middle sister, the timid and reserved Miku fits our bill for being the most adorable of all the Quints. With her trademark headphones and hilarious obsession for Sengoku Period generals, she’s quirky and cute in all the best ways!

Miku is also extremely kind, being the second sister after Yotsuba to accept Fuutarou as her tutor, and the first to openly admit her love. She’s always worried about Fuutarou, checking in on him and trying (disastrously) to make sweets for him! With her love for history and Fuutarou’s love of teaching, we could see these two happily chatting away for the rest of their lives – and doesn’t that sound sweet?

When the movie drops on May 20th, we hope it’s Miku Nakano wearing that wedding gown — maybe without the headphones, though!

Final Thoughts

Okay, there’s really no “right” way to rank the Quints. They have as many differences as similarities, and despite sharing the same face and body, they each distinguish themselves through their actions and personalities. We love them all, maybe not equally, but we hope they all find happiness — even if that’s not as Fuutarou’s wife.

Are you going to be watching The Quintessential Quintuplets film when it arrives on May 20th? We’re definitely going to be in the cinemas, and we hope to see you there!

Let us know who your favorite Quint is down in the comments below, and as always, thank you for reading!

5-toubun-no-Hanayome-wallpaper-683x500 The Definitive, 100% Unbiased Ranking of the Nakano Quintuplets


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