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  • Mangaka : Akito Ito, Asagi Orikawa, and Ritsu Aozaki
  • Publisher : Seven Seas
  • Genre : Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo / Josei
  • Published : January 11, 2022

When it comes to majestic beasts, dragons are almost always the first to come to mind. They are, after all, towering creatures that dominate the skies. Oh, and have we mentioned their glistening scales? How about the ability to breathe fire or summon tornadoes? How about… okay, you catch our drift. What we mean to say is that dragons are awesome, so a manga that features a lot of them would be even more awesome. Say… something like The Dragon Knight’s Beloved Volume 1. Here’s what we think about it!

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

Even though we’ve pretty much psyched up dragons in the intro, the manga is actually about a girl beloved by dragons, Melissa. Melissa is training to be an attendant and wishes to be stationed somewhere away from her parents. She reasons that it’s best if she wants to broaden her horizons. However, she is unexpectedly assigned to accompany a former dragon knight captain and a newly appointed margrave. With the young lord, Melissa faces a slew of dilemmas and herds of wild dragons.

Why You Should Read The Dragon’s Knight Beloved Vol. 1

1. A Familiar Shoujo Plot

A humble girl being entwined in a fake relationship with a young noble, which will obviously and certainly develop into a real one, is not the most original concept. As if that’s not cliche enough, the manga also throws a not-so-likable third party into the mix. But even though this formula isn’t going to win any awards, it’s a tried and tested route that can hook readers’ interest, especially those who aren’t looking for heavy drama. Following a familiar and, to be frank, predictable plot also makes the manga perfect for a cozy reading session.

2. Dragons, Dragons, and More Dragons

If there’s one thing The Dragon Knight’s Beloved delivers well, it’s the vast amount of dragons featured in the manga. As someone who can talk to and is beloved by such majestic creatures, main heroine Melissa interacts with both tame and wild dragons on multiple occasions. From the majestic White Queen to the herd of dragons that follow her love interest Hubert’s carriage, Melissa is constantly surrounded by dragons – maybe even more than she’s with Hubert. Without a moment’s hesitation, we’ll take the former over the latter on any day.

Why You Should Skip The Dragon’s Knight Beloved Vol. 1

1. Everything is All Over the Place

The manga is presented as a romance story between our lovely Melissa and the charming Hubert, but they just aren’t making any progress in that department. Clearly, Hubert has a thing for Melissa, but the young lad just can’t seem to profess it. The manga also has a problem with introducing conflicts. They frequently pop out of nowhere, and then are left hanging until several pages or even whole chapters have passed.

A good example of this would be the scene wherein Melissa is discouraged to accept Hubert’s invitation. Supposedly, Hubert is a lazy lord who only plays around all day. While Melissa is quick to dismiss the idea as it contradicts what she knows of the commander, the manga quickly shifts out of the scene. Unfortunately, this happens quite frequently, making the manga a bit messy.

Final Thoughts

The Dragon Knight’s Beloved Vol. 1 may start off at a familiar place, but that can be a good thing. Even though it makes the manga a bit predictable, it’s also a good choice for a light read. There’s rarely any heavy drama, and the dragons definitely add a majestic touch. However, it is important to note that the manga’s storytelling isn’t the best. It has a tendency to randomly throw plot points away, and then revisit them whenever it’s convenient. But what do you think about The Dragon Knight’s Beloved Vol. 1? Let us know in the comment section below.

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