The Eminence in Shadow Review - An Isekai Born from the Shadows!

ANOTHER ISEKAI!? Yes readers, another isekai. No doubt many of you readers are starting to suspect that the isekai genre isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and in fact, seems to only be getting more popular as time passes. While not every isekai is going to impress you, we here at Honey’s Anime were pretty surprised by one isekai from last season that just wrapped up near the middle of the winter 2023 anime season. Dubbed The Eminence in Shadow, this isekai we’ve been talking about here and there on our site and for good reason, it has some pretty intriguing themes and actually surprised us by being unlike any other isekai we’ve seen. Now that we have your interest piqued we can presume that you want to know if you should check out this isekai or leave it in the shadows. Why don’t we find out in our full review of The Eminence in Shadow?

The World? Who Cares, We Care Only About Cid

Most isekai have a particular theme about them whether it’s about a normal man being summoned—or resurrected/reincarnated—into a magical fantasy world or becoming a hero that can somehow save the day. Yet, The Eminence in Shadow is quite a peculiar story. Enter Minoru Kageno, a teen who has always dreamed of becoming a powerful ruler, ruling from the world of shadows. As most isekai go, Minoru dies in a pretty silly way and is reincarnated into a new magical world that allows him to quickly see his dreams become reality. Creating a “fake” enemy organization and getting a bunch of waifu to join him through odd means, Minoru—now Cid—ends up realizing his fake villains are real and he really is in a world where he can become a powerful warrior.

Honestly, The Eminence in Shadow sounds like it was born from the mind of a kid who wants to be a Power Ranger but that is why it's so gripping. The world of The Eminence in Shadow is almost thrown away completely in this tale in favor of Cid’s rise to power, his battles with the Order of Diabolos, and his attempts at living two lives…one of a normal “mob-like” character and the other as Shadow, the leader of Shadow Garden. Most viewers will fall in love with Cid and we can say his presence alone makes The Eminence in Shadow great.

Be Prepared For Mind Blowing Battles

Another big strength of The Eminence in Shadow is the fights which are godly, to say the least. Cid/Shadow and his Mundane Mann persona steal the show but that is perfectly fine. Cid is without a doubt OP beyond words—he literally fights one warrior and uses mental manipulation the entire time—but unlike other OP fighters, Cid is OP because he made himself OP. In his previous life, Cid—Minoru—was already a tough fighter pushing past the limits most humans could. It only took the ability to manipulate magic in his new life as Cid to really give him the tools to become unstoppable.

When Cid isn’t killing baddies, there are other warriors like Claire, Iris Midgar, and Rose who step in for some battles themselves and are pretty incredible in their own individual ways. We loved some of the nail-biting final bouts that take place in The Eminence in Shadow but really this show has some stellar fights that should be noticed by all isekai that pride themselves on being action heavy.

A Hero? A Villain? Maybe Both!

Not too long ago, we wrote an article exclusively about Cid and made sure to tell the world our thoughts on him. Unlike almost every isekai MC, Cid is in a league of his own and that hasn’t changed since we said that. He isn’t a hero, and he isn’t per se a villain but he isn’t an anti-hero either. Cid is Cid, a man who wishes to become the strongest being in the world but in a way that he feels is “cool” and won’t make him stand out too much. We probably have made it very obvious in this review but Cid is almost the entire reason for watching The Eminence in Shadow and that is something we can’t say often in an anime, the MC being the sole reason to watch.

These Waifu Don’t Get Enough Air Time…

Typically, isekai that have plenty of waifu usually put said waifu in front of everything. They will often be shown half naked, in some odd perverted situation, and will lust for the main character. The Eminence in Shadow does have the occasional scene with the girls either being in a hot spring or showing off their “assets” but oddly enough, most of the women in The Eminence in Shadow get almost no screen time. Several of the central females like Alexia, Iris, and a few of the Shadow Garden girls will take center stage in various episodes but it often feels like the girls of Shadow Garden are only there for the occasional battle or comedic bit. The Eminence in Shadow has a lot of attractive ladies who are both tough and cool but we feel many are poorly utilized.

Final Thoughts

The Eminence in Shadow is a very peculiar isekai if you really think about it. This series doesn’t have an amazing world, the animation is good at times—sometimes amazing—but isn’t the best we’ve seen for the genre and the waifu are often hidden behind the MC and his ideals. That being said, Cid is probably one of the most interesting MCs ever, and like the world, he’s created in his own mind—and kind of made into a reality— The Eminence in Shadow is worth watching to just see this man unleash his ideals onto the world and how the world shifts because of it. Yes, there are political motives happening in Cid’s world and devious cults vying for power. Oddly enough though, if Cid doesn’t care about them…you also won’t…that’s how impacting his role is in The Eminence in Shadow! This is the Cid show and you’re going to love it because you’re just going to want to see what else this mastermind has in store!

Did you love or have different feelings about The Eminence in Shadow? Comment below to sound off as we love hearing from our readers! Keep stuck to our shadowy hive here at Honey’s Anime for more anime reviews and all things anime-related!

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