The Heroes Return in Big Hero 6: The Series Vol. 1 [Manga]

The Heroes Return
  • Mangaka : Hong Gyun An
  • Publisher : Yen Press
  • Genre : Sci-Fi
  • Published : August 24, 2021

When Big Hero 6 came into the big screen way back 2014, it was a big hit. In fact, it actually won multiple awards. The movie is actually based on a Marvel comic of the same name. Riding the movie’s success, an animated series was also released under Walt Disney, and the company seems to plan on further expanding the series. Now, the series comes back to its roots as Yen Press publishes a comic adaptation of the series, which is also a tie-in to the animated series.

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

The series still follows young Hiro as he spends his time studying advanced concepts and enjoying the company of his secret superhero peers. The series doesn’t necessarily follow a complicated plot. It simply follows Hiro as he juggles being a superhero, a genius, and a student all at the same time. The chapter either tackles a villain, some sort of mundane problem, a wacky problem, or a mixture of everything. Nonetheless, it’s basically like a television series in comic form. But hey, isn’t that what most manga basically is?

Why You Should Read Big Hero 6: The Series

1. The Power of the Mind

The great thing about the heroes in Big Hero 6 is that they’re not born with supernatural abilities. Instead, they rely on the power of science to beat crime. Unlike Marvel’s Iron Man who delves into all kinds of technology, however, these people specialize in their own niches. They simply explore and improve their own technology in order to adapt to villains’ weaknesses and whatnot. Seeing them workaround newfound problems is a real sight to behold.

2. Baymax Action!

Fans, and perhaps even not fans of the series, really love Baymax, the soft and cuddly robot that also serves as the series’ mascot. We mean, who can resist that adorable cuteness? That’s right, nobody! The series dishes out more Baymax content in its usual overzealous manner. From caring for Hiro at all times to helping him dish out some great justice, Baymax is the perfect sidekick and caregiver. Of course, its cuteness alone is more than enough reason to read more!

Why You Should Skip Big Hero 6: The Series.

1. Needs Prior Knowledge

Since the world of Big Hero 6 is already quite established thanks to its popularity, it’s paramount to know that Big Hero 6: The Series doesn’t delve into the content the other media have already established. Diving into this series without watching or reading the others can cause major confusions. After all, the characters, mainly Hiro and his other Hero friends, have already established their signature traits. Even their relationships with one another are already quite established. Another thing you should probably look into are the characters’ quirks and abilities, since the series won’t be explaining that.

Final Thoughts

Big Hero 6: The Series is perfect for those who are already fans of the series. After all, we can never have enough of Baymax, right? For those who don't have prior knowledge or exposure to the series, it’s better to watch the movie or read up on prior titles just to familiarize with the series’ setting. Believe us, it’s definitely worth it.

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