The Idoly Pride EDs That Captured Our Hearts

Idoly Pride brought a refreshing take on the idol genre of anime and there is such uniqueness that we at Honey’s Anime are in love with something or the other, if not everything about Idoly Pride. One of the fun concepts that Idoly Pride incorporated is releasing new music with each episode’s release because one of the important parts of an idol anime is its music. The new songs that manifested in the EDs were fun to look forward to because they included various artists who make an appearance in the anime itself. Whether LizNoir, Moon Tempest, Sunny Peace or TRINITYAiLE is your favorite idol group of the anime, there is a song from everyone that is incorporated in the anime. As we get ready to say goodbye to Idoly Pride, we take a look back at some of the best endings that captured our hearts and are outright fantastic songs to listen to even if you’re not a fan of the show itself.

Idoly Pride’s songs are incredibly hopeful with the way the singers manifest themselves through their song as they hope for a great goal and to get there together. What’s interesting is that all the idol groups are aiming for almost the same goal: to reach the top together yet they manage to bring something unique to their songs of hopefulness.

5. Les Plumes by TRINITYAiLE

Les Plumes was the ending at the end of the battle between Sunny Peace and TRINITYAiLE. The song is immensely hopeful and the lyrics are very meaningful as it talks about aiming to make it to tomorrow together with the people around you. The animation for the ending was really fun with light blues and sky imagery which is synonymous to their aim of reaching the and this is one group whose determination we all love!

Les Plumes by TRINITYAiLE

4. Shining Days by Sunny Peace

Shining Days by Sunny Peace is a song about looking back at the journey you undertook to get where you are, to appreciate it and aim to go higher above to where you want to go because you’re meant to be where you are right now and it is definitely not a mistake. The animation for this ending was spectacular with autumnal colors of red and yellow which are also the colors of Sunny Peace.

Shining Days by Sunny Peace

3. The Sun, The Moon and Stars by Hoshimi Production

The Sun, The Moon and Stars is the ending that is combined by Sunny Peace and Moon Tempest which is why the song’s artist is Hoshimi Production. For us at Honey’s Anime, this song talks about the goals of an idol and the beauty, charm and all the wonderful things that idols possess to mesmerize their crowd. The song gives hope to the idols saying that they are the shining star in the sky beyond the smiles and charm they portray on stage.

The Sun, The Moon and Stars by Hoshimi Production

2. Last Chance by LizNoir

This song is possibly the only song that portrays the struggle of idols in the most realistic sense. It starts off with the goal of an idol but it gets harder to reach that place because they do not have what it takes to reach there yet. The pain and the suffering, the blood, sweat and tears that every idol puts into their passion is real and painfully hard but they believe it is worth it because whatever it is that they want to say, they sing it. LizNoir is a fan favorite of almost every fan of Idoly Pride and for good reason. The charm and the skills that LizNoir brings to the stage is unmatched and truly one of a kind.

Last Chance by LizNoir

1. Realiser by TRINITYAiLE

Finally, we have yet another song by TRINITYAiLE and it is hands down the most catchy song in the entire show. The feeling of the song is like something that should belong in a Makoto Shinkai movie, the sheer nostalgia and the charm of the song is simply breathtaking. The song talks about the futility of chasing someone else’s back instead of your own goals and how it is easy to lose yourself in this process. Did we mention that this song is catchy? This song is just simply perfect to end the season with because we realize the whole theme of the show through this one song.

Realiser by TRINITYAiLE

Final Thoughts

Idoly Pride’s songs are one of a kind. Sure, there are some that sound like just another idol song but those idol songs still choose to be hopeful and bring the charm that they always have. We hope you enjoyed this little playlist we put together for you! Let us know your favorites and thoughts in the comments below!

IDOLY-PRIDE-Wallpaper-4-513x500 The Idoly Pride EDs That Captured Our Hearts


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