The Long Wait for a Second Season and Why It’s A Good Thing!

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka—Danmachi for short—came out in 2015 and was met with a lot of love from both anime fans and light novel readers who loved this adaptation. Danmachi had a spin off come out two years ago—Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka Gaiden: Sword Oratoria—but fans still wanted a true second season! Well, not too long ago—as of writing this article at least—Danmachi season two finally has begun airing and fans are extremely happy and a bit annoyed. It took 4 years for Danmachi season 2 to release and that isn’t uncommon for anime. You can understand the anger of having to wait so long, but what if we told you that the wait is actually a good thing? Waiting for a season 2 or even 3 might be torture on your heart, but we here at Honey’s Anime are going to tell you why waiting isn’t such a bad thing. Welcome, folks, to our article conveniently titled The Long Wait for a Second Season and Why It’s A Good Thing!

Light Novel Catch Up!

Often, we forget that most anime series tend to be based off light novels or even manga series. To top that off, most of those series aren’t even close to being done when an anime studio asks to adapt an author’s work! That means when we get 12 episodes of a new series and wonder why no season two has been announced, it’s most likely due to the fact that the author hasn’t even written any content that far or has only made a small amount of progress. While waiting for more episodes might hurt, this allows the author time to build up more material for the story and in turn allow the studio more material to animate. Yes, the wait sucks, but that wait is what determines if we get a season 2 at all.

Excitement and Anticipation

Gamers out there, stand up for a moment. Let us ask you this question, doesn’t waiting for a game kind of suck but equally fills you with excitement? Most will tell you that yes…waiting really is hard but the build up to that coveted release date makes it so worth it. Anime is very similar, while we feel like we need a season 2 or three of a series like Danmachi or even Re:Zero, the wait allows us to appreciate the original seasons and even helps build up that desire for more material.

No Overload

Imagine this for a moment. What if One Piece was all released in one shot…all almost 900 episodes? Yeah that might sound awesome that you can binge watch One Piece till your eyes strain from staring at a TV or monitor but trust us, it won’t be as cool as your mind thinks it can be. With almost any form of media, binging in small doses works, but when you have to binge multiple seasons it can be a bit hard to do and might detract from the show’s appeal. You’ll begin to grow tired of the content you’re watching and you might even dislike it. While waiting for a new season might be annoying—especially when years go by—too many seasons coming out means that your entertainment might be weakened just from product overload.

Show Some Love

Creators—anime studios and such—want viewers/readers to enjoy their work. While they work on a new product—in this case a season 2—they also want fan feedback on what they can do better and/or if they need to change things up in some shape or form. The wait in between seasons allow fans to show their studios love by buying products and by tweeting out their painful wait for a second or third or even fourth season! Support your favorite studios and prove to them you really want another season and with enough support it might come out even faster!

Final Thoughts

Waiting is one of the hardest things to do in life. As our time in this world is finite, waiting for anything means we lose time that could be used to enjoy something else. However, we can only appreciate anime and other forms of media more when it’s not given to us all at once. Binging shows is fun and we often all do it, but once you’re done, there’s no more and that makes the wait even longer for a series. Seasons might be tough to wait for, but waiting on them serves many positive purposes and we think the reasons we stated above only a fraction of those positives. Do you have any other positive thoughts on why waiting on a new season is good or do you disagree with us completely? Comment below and for more articles like this one, keep stuck to our hive here at Honey’s Anime!

Dungeon-ni-Deai-wo-Motomeru-no-wa-Machigatteiru-Darou-ka-II-Wallpaper The Long Wait for a Second Season and Why It’s A Good Thing!


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