The Millionaire Detective - Balance: UNLIMITED Is Giving Us Unlimited Sexual Tension Between Kanbe and Katou

We know it’s a little bit too early to start shipping them, but it’s kind of impossible when it comes to Daisuke Kanbe and Haru Katou. Granted, we still know very little about their pasts (and relationship status), but that’s not going to stop us from fangirling over these two cuties!

Different Backgrounds, Different Struggles

It’s not difficult to realize that Daisuke and Haru come from completely different worlds. While Haru has to work hard to earn his money, Daisuke has an unlimited balance, and he never thinks twice before using it to get what he wants. This is something that really pisses Haru off, making him feel like Daisuke isn’t taking his job seriously at all.

Upon meeting Daisuke for the first time, Haru knew that he would only bring trouble. What he didn’t know, nonetheless, was that this wealthy, good-looking man would end up working for the Modern Crime Prevention Headquarters too! And what’s worse, Haru will have to look after him!! Trying to leave his past behind, Haru will do anything just to get his job done, but Daisuke’s transfer will make this very difficult.

These two are night and day. Haru is responsible and takes care of his duty in an orderly manner, but Daisuke won’t hesitate to throw a wad of cash at whoever can provide him with information. Simply put, while our millionaire solves everything with money, Haru puts his old-fashioned skills to work.

Opposites Attract, They Say

You’ve heard of it too, right? It's a well-known fact that opposites attract, and it’s no different with Daisuke and Haru. Well... at least that’s what we like to think. Haru is someone with a strong sense of justice, who won’t hesitate to put himself in danger to save someone else’s life. His complete opposite, Daisuke, trusts his thick wallet to take care of every inconvenience that might cross his path.

We get our first clash between these two in the very first episode when both Haru and Daisuke end up chasing a white van loaded with a ticking bomb. While Daisuke is trying to drive the van off a bridge, Haru decides to jump out of the car and inside the van to rescue the girl sitting behind the wheel. And even with Haru inside the van, Daisuke keeps pushing the vehicle with his car! In the end, Haru manages to get off the van, falling into the river because Daisuke refuses to help him up.

It may look like they hate each other, but you only need to read between the lines: opposites attract!

Sexual Tension: UNLIMITED

Other than Daisuke's bank account, there’s another unlimited thing in this anime, and that's the sexual tension that crackles every time these two police officers are in the same room. Haru acts annoyed every time that Daisuke is around, trying to avoid him as much as possible, only to fail miserably. Apparently, wherever Haru goes, Daisuke follows, so it’s become a normal sight to see the rich man tagging along with our reluctant protagonist.

Having Daisuke as his partner is something that Haru can’t take, so he tries to go about his job ignoring that fact. Daisuke is not bothered by this since he’ll be able to use his unconventional methods to gain intel easily if his partner is not around to lecture him. Even though they try taking different paths, they always end up crossing each other along the way. And it doesn't matter if he doesn’t like him; one way or another, Haru always ends up involved in Daisuke’s plans, forced to play along. We’re starting to think that Haru is a bit of a masochist and that he actually enjoys spending so much time with Daisuke!

Final Thoughts

We have a long journey ahead of ourselves, and we are hoping to find more moments to fuel our imagination. For the time being, there’s no denying that The Millionaire Detective - Balance: UNLIMITED has already enough material to ship Daisuke and Haru. We can’t wait to see where this is going and, of course, we hope to get more of Haru’s tsundere attitude!

Fugou-Keiji-BalanceUnlimited-dvd-300x423 The Millionaire Detective - Balance: UNLIMITED Is Giving Us Unlimited Sexual Tension Between Kanbe and Katou

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